Signature Internship Program

Get Involved

Take a class.

Horn offers three classes that provide the skills and resources needed to land your dream internship:

  • ENTR161 - Workshop: Landing Your First Internship

  • ENTR260 - Landing Your Dream Internship

  • ENTR364 - Internship in Practice

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Attend an interest meeting.

Discuss career interests, resume preparation, your LinkedIn profile, interviewing practice and more.

Contact Ted Foltyn directly.

If you cannot attend a session, you should contact Ted Foltyn to discuss your situation.

Student Impact


You must first attend an interest session or arrange to meet with a Horn Entrepreneurship staff member 1:1.

The Signature Internships are for ENTR majors only and primarily held in the summer. On occasion, Horn will offer part-time internships during the school year which are open to all qualified students.

Companies are recruited to participate, ensuring the work is “entrepreneurial” in nature. This ranges from small startups to a company of any size that needs assistance identifying and growing new customers, new products, new approaches and so on. This allows students to put classroom learning to good use.


First Year (Spring)

ENTR 161 - Professional Development Workshop: Landing Your First Internship

Second Year (Fall and Spring)

ENTR 260 - Landing Your Dream Internship course

Second and Third Year (Fall and Spring)

October – Interest meetings for students; companies are recruited (ongoing through summer)
November – Career discussions, resume reviews
December – Interview prep with Horn staff
January-May – Students and companies are matched up, interviews conducted and offers made
June through August – Internships, workshops and 1:1 consultations

Occasional conference calls and individual meetings are held to provide coaching on business related skills, etiquette and other information.

  • Maya Nazareth addresses a community of women in jiu-jitsu

    The Fight for Better Women's Fightwear

    April 04, 2024 | Written by Andrew Sharp
    Her company headquarters was her student apartment, and her mobile sales office was her car. Four years later, Maya Nazareth has built her passion into a growing enterprise called Alchemize Fightwear.
  • Horticulture Meets Entrepreneurship

    March 25, 2024 | Written by Natalie Kessler
    Lauren Roberts is a sophomore Entrepreneurship student at UD who runs her business OBEnaturelle while taking classes full-time and staying involved in multiple clubs.
  • Dream, Create, Inspire: UD's EntreX Regional Youth Entrepreneurship

    March 06, 2024 | Written by Horn Entrepreneurship
    On February 28, 2024, 36 teams of high school students from 21 schools met at Rutgers University to participate in the 2024 EntreX Regional Venture Showcase. The showcase provided high school students participating in Horn Entrepreneurship’s dual enrollment program, EntreX Lab, with a platform to pitch their entrepreneurial projects and cultivate essential skills and connections that will serve them well in their future endeavors.