Signature Internship Program

Get Involved

Take a class.

Horn offers three classes that provide the skills and resources needed to land your dream internship:

  • ENTR161 - Workshop: Landing Your First Internship

  • ENTR260 - Landing Your Dream Internship

  • ENTR364 - Internship in Practice

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Attend an interest meeting.

Discuss career interests, resume preparation, your LinkedIn profile, interviewing practice and more.

Contact Ted Foltyn directly.

If you cannot attend a session, you should contact Ted Foltyn to discuss your situation.

Student Impact


You must first attend an interest session or arrange to meet with a Horn Entrepreneurship staff member 1:1.

The Signature Internships are for ENTR majors only and primarily held in the summer. On occasion, Horn will offer part-time internships during the school year which are open to all qualified students.

Companies are recruited to participate, ensuring the work is “entrepreneurial” in nature. This ranges from small startups to a company of any size that needs assistance identifying and growing new customers, new products, new approaches and so on. This allows students to put classroom learning to good use.


First Year (Spring)

ENTR 161 - Professional Development Workshop: Landing Your First Internship

Second Year (Fall and Spring)

ENTR 260 - Landing Your Dream Internship course

Second and Third Year (Fall and Spring)

October – Interest meetings for students; companies are recruited (ongoing through summer)
November – Career discussions, resume reviews
December – Interview prep with Horn staff
January-May – Students and companies are matched up, interviews conducted and offers made
June through August – Internships, workshops and 1:1 consultations

Occasional conference calls and individual meetings are held to provide coaching on business related skills, etiquette and other information.

  • Hen Hatch 2023: A Celebration of Entrepreneurship

    November 06, 2023 | Written by Natalie Kessler
    After careful consideration, Horn Entrepreneurship has selected the finalists for Hen Hatch, the University of Delaware’s premier startup competition held annually.
  • The 2023 Fall Pitch Party

    November 01, 2023 | Written by Ryan Sigmund
    The Fall Pitch Party, hosted by the Entrepreneurship Club and Horn Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware, brought a night filled with creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit on October 25th at the Venture Development Center.
  • 100 Years of UD Study Abroad: Horn Entrepreneurship in Australia

    July 11, 2023 | Written by Ryan Sigmund
    During the 2023 winter session, a group of University of Delaware students traveled 1000 miles across the globe to study workplace culture in the Down Under.