Impact & Empowerment

Built by Entrepreneurs to Power a Better World

Horn Entrepreneurship combines a personalized approach with lessons learned from successful entrepreneurs and evidence-based best practices. Programs and opportunities are relevant, accessible and available to all students. The Horn educational experience combines hands-on, project-based learning with real world challenges and extensive external engagement.

The result is a special program that prepares students to adapt, thrive and lead in entrepreneurial roles with established companies, social ventures and startups. Horn Entrepreneurship is committed to supporting student success and cultivating an inclusive lifelong community of collaboration, connections and impact.


To empower world changers by developing and delivering world-class entrepreneurship education programs that help students to gain knowledge, skills, entrepreneurial capacities, firsthand experiences and connections needed to realize their potential, create value from new ideas and successfully and sustainably adapt to rapid change.


To optimize the positive impact of entrepreneurship education for students, the university and the broader community, and to create conditions for the realization of personal potential, economic value and societal improvement.

"We’ve developed and validated a new, network-based educational model in which each student serves as a nexus with extensive connectivity to experiential learning opportunities as well as faculty, staff, seasoned entrepreneurs, business leaders, community members and peer leaders."

Dan Freeman, Founding Director of Horn Entrepreneurship

5 Keys to Success: The Horn Entrepreneurship Formula

Personalized experience

Students develop personal working relationships with Horn faculty and staff who aim to do everything possible to develop their entrepreneurial skillsets and support their pursuits. They also make connections with the many business leaders, alumni and community members who serve as speakers, mentors, advisors, instructors, and judges in our courses and co-curricular programs.

Dynamic, holistic curriculum

Horn courses utilize project-based learning and incorporate the latest evidence-based best practices to help students develop their skillsets, entrepreneurial capacities and connections.


Relevant and accessible opportunities for all students

Horn offers a wide array of educational opportunities so that all UD students have access to relevant opportunities without adding time to their degree programs. 


Enrichment and venture support

Students benefit from robust enrichment programming, including professional development and internship opportunities. Horn also provides mentorship, resources and funding to support students’ social and business ventures at all stages of the startup process.


Lifelong support

Entrepreneurship students and alumni are members of a lifelong community of innovators and entrepreneurs; Horn provides educational opportunities, mentorship and venture support prior to matriculation to UD and beyond graduation.