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Delaware Innovation Fellows (DIF)

DIF is a 4-year experience and community for passionate leaders, innovators, makers and entrepreneurs from any major who seek to turn their ideas into a reality.

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"DIF opened up a whole new realm of opportunities that wouldn't typically be available to a mechanical engineering student."

- Jaeah Yoo

Siegfried Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellows

The Siegfried Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellows (SELF) program is a highly selective, unique experience designed to expand and deepen understanding of leadership and oneself as a leader, connect and learn with others, and inspire initiative for positive impact.

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Leadership… it’s getting in touch with your dreams and those things in your life that really inspired yourself. You can’t be strong and great for other people unless you are strong and great for yourself.

- Rob Siegfried CEO & Founder, The Siegfried Group

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Delaware Innovation Fellows

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  • Accelerating Translational research

    February 21, 2024 | Written by Erica K. Brockmeier
    UD receives $6 million from National Science Foundation as part of inaugural translational research funding program
  • Arima Skincare: Accessible and Natural Skincare For All

    February 05, 2024 | Written by Natalie Kessler
    Embarking on the quest for a new natural skincare brand can indeed be a daunting task, as the array of options can be overwhelming. The challenge often lies in deciphering the lengthy list of ingredients on the back of product labels, with some names sounding like a foreign language. Finding a natural skincare brand can often be challenging, but look no further. Arima Skincare, created by Arielle Mahugu, is a natural skincare brand that won second place in the Pitch Party last fall. Arielle is a freshman medical diagnostics pre-med student who has a passion for skincare since discovering the harmful chemicals that many brands include in their products.
  • Horn Entrepreneurship Ranked Among Top Entrepreneurship Schools

    January 23, 2024 | Written by Horn Entrepreneurship
    This article was originally posted by the Lerner School of Business and Economics as part of their "Seeing Opportunity" series. As he sat in class listening to the lecture, Nicholai Williamson was taken aback. The native of Jamaica had been drawn to the University of Delaware in part because of the strength of its entrepreneurship programs, and now his entrepreneurship instructor was saying that the sooner he failed, the better.