Accelerating Innovation in Education

2023-2024 AIE Fellows during a workshop

Empowering Forward-Thinking Educators

The Accelerating Innovation in Education fellowship is a transformative year-long experience dedicated to fostering innovation and experimentation in K-12 education. The fellowship assembles a diverse cohort of influential leaders from public, charter, and independent schools, empowering them to drive substantial change within their educational communities. In addition to the fellowship, the program offers bespoke consultation services, including executive coaching and custom professional development sessions, designed to cultivate an innovative school culture tailored to the unique needs of each partner institution. This collaborative initiative aims to create a network of forward-thinking educators dedicated to advancing education through innovative practices and strategies.

2023-2024 Fellowship Cohort 

Who are the intended Participants?

The fellowship is designed to serve innovative thinkers who are interested in unleashing the creative potential of their school communities and maximizing their velocity of improvement. Fellows will be selected among leaders who: (1) are serving comprehensive public, charter, or independent schools AND (2) are in a position to have a significant influence on the culture of at least one secondary school. Most fellows will have titles such a Principal, Director of Secondary Schools, Head of School, President, or Dean.

This has been one of the most insightful learning opportunities – pushing me to not only think differently but also lead in ways that bring innovation and creativity to the forefront.

- Dr. Reginald Johnson President, Charter School of Wilmington