An outdoor picture of Independence Residence Hall.

In-Hall Communities

On-campus housing communities and Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students with unique experiences designed around academic programs, interests or identities. Most LLCs are directly supported by an academic department. Some are required by major, though most are optional. 

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First Year Required Living Learning Communities

Some majors and programs require their students to live together in residence halls, while other Living Learning Communities are optional. These are the Living Learning Communities required by major or program. Communities below reflect the 2023–2024 academic year.

Location: Louis Redding

University of Delaware Honors College

Since Honors students come from all colleges, living in the First-Year Honors LLC allows you to interact with students who have different ideas, interests, and perspectives. Guided by upper-division peer mentors called Munson Fellows, students will engage in social events and signature programs like the New Student Kick-off and our Coffeehouse talent shows. We also bring faculty into the hall allowing you to interact with your professors on another level.

All community members will be assigned to live in the Honors LLC pending space availability. Due to this requirement, only roommate requests from within the Honors LLC Community will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.

Freshmen admitted to the Honors College are housed together in Louis L. Redding Hall, named for the first African American lawyer admitted to the Delaware Bar.

Location: George Read

Zachary Jackson, Academic Advisor
(302) 831-3012

The Nursing Nook is a living and learning community for first-year Nursing students. The LLC seeks to provide a space for new students to acclimate to campus-life and the exciting and challenging Nursing curriculum. Students will find support for their studies, socialize with their classmates, and begin to network with Nursing faculty and staff.

Students will be engaged in programming that includes movie nights, academic talks, study breaks, crafting events, and research presentations, which will encourage connection with colleagues and expose students to the academic and professional world of Nursing from the start of their student career. First-year students will also be supported by two upper-level Nursing students, who will organize study sessions, provide information about the program, and advocate for new students.

All Nursing Majors (who are not in the Honors Program) will be assigned to live in the Nursing LLC. Due to this requirement, only roommate requests from within the Nursing LLC Community will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.

Location: James Smith

Nick Vella, Horn Entrepreneurship

Freshmen admitted to the Delaware Innovation Fellows program live and learn together in the World Changers LLC, a diverse community of students from a wide variety of majors who are passionate, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. Students will be immersed in a dynamic environment, make valuable connections and strive to create novel solutions to societal, environmental and customer problems. Students will change the world by putting their ideas for new programs, policies, products, services, organizations and businesses into action.

World Changers LLC strives to help freshmen Delaware Innovation Fellows adapt to college life. With shared coursework, innovative programming and a close network of fellows, students in World Changers will be a part of a collaborative and supportive community. The World Changers LLC is required for all first year DIF students with the exception of students who have another housing requirement (honors, major/college required housing, etc.).

First Year Living Learning Communities

Students whose program does not require a specific community can apply to live in one of our optional Living Learning Communities (LLCs). When you chose to live in an LLC, you will live among students with shared academic or personal interests. It is a great way to meet friends and participate in programming to enhance your undergraduate resumé. Communities below reflect the 2023–2024 academic year.

Location: James Smith

Michele Kane
Sr. Associate Director, Residence Life & Housing

Gender-inclusive housing is an option for first-year undergraduate students, at least 18 years of age, who are eligible for University housing. This housing community is for transgender, non-binary and/or any student questioning their gender identity. It is offered in suite-style housing in which two bedrooms share a bathroom. The bedrooms are usually double occupancy, but a limited number of single suites and single rooms with private bathrooms are available.  

Students who are interested in living in this community should indicate their interest in the First-Year Housing Application. A Residence Life and Housing staff member will then reach out to you to understand your preferences and needs in regards to your room-style and roommates.  Students who are not interested in being assigned to live in this community, but would like to specify any housing needs they may have related to their gender identity, can contact us at to work with a staff member to discuss their options.

Location: James Smith

Graduate Assistant: Allison Spiller

Dr. David Barlow
Director for the Center for Premedical & Health Profession Studies

Caroline Tillman
Academic Program Coordinator

Students will live in close proximity to other freshmen who are part of the PHP LLC and have peer mentor support from an upper classman with similar career interests and a graduate assistant with a background in health professions advisement. The PHP LLC provides extra support from faculty and staff as students pursue career and graduate school interest. Programs and events exposing students to various topics and issues related to health will also be planned for students.

Students interested in one of various health professions should consider applying to be a part of the University of Delaware’s first-year living learning community for pre-health professionals. No specific major is required.

All community members will be assigned to live in the Pre-Health Professionals LLC. Due to this requirement, only roommate requests from within the Pre-Health Professionals LLC Community will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.

Location: Russell


The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) Living Learning Community is sponsored by the Army ROTC Program. The AROTC LLC program is only open to first-year AROTC students (freshmen).

Participation is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged for all new cadets. Goals of the AROTC LLC are to:

  • Build camaraderie among first and second year AROTC cadets
  • Create a community of cadets who have similar goals and career aspirations
  • Provide a mentoring program with AROTC cadets and current cadets * Host teambuilding events organized by the peer mentor
  • Foster a fun and challenging environment where cadets excel
  • Promote excellence in academics, fitness and character
  • Prepare students for a career in military/government service

Upper Division Living Learning Communities

Location: Sypherd, Brown and Caesar Rodney

University of Delaware Honors College

Upper Division Honors is a housing option for students with good standing in the Honors College. In addition to living among Honors students, the community is enhanced by Community Fellows.

Community Fellows are upper division Honors students who plan events and activities that support and enhance a strong Honors residential community. Past events have included the Sophomore Celebration, dinners/discussions with faculty, and opportunities to check off items on the UD Bucket List.

Upper Division Honors housing is only available for students in the Honors College.

Location: Ray Street

Amy Greenwald Foley, Associate Director for Global Outreach

Daily interactions with iHouse neighbors and engagement in monthly programs empower students to cross cultural borders on their path to becoming global citizens. The iHouse community supports the success of international and domestic students by providing a welcoming home for all students. iHouse residents contribute to campus internationalization by sharing lessons of empathy, mutual understanding and respect with the greater University community.

Location: Courtyard Apartments + Ray Street

Christina Stauffer, Associate Director for Student Engagement and Assessment

The Puppy Raisers of UD (PRoUD) and Other Raisers community allows students the unique opportunity to raise assistance dogs in the residence halls as part of a long-standing community service initiative.

Students may apply to raise a dog through one of the University of Delaware's recognized sight dog programs (The Seeing Eye, Inc., Guiding Eyes, Canine Partners for Independence), which are partnered with Registered Student Organizations.

In order to be a part of this community, students must gain approval through their respective organizations and apply to this community through the housing application. After the application is submitted, students will meet with the RLH staff to gain admittance to the community.

Theme Housing

Location: Independence West

The University of Delaware offers a Gender-Inclusive Housing option to support UD's ongoing commitment to develop environments that are welcoming and inclusive. The Gender-Inclusive housing option supports the University’s non-discrimination policy with respect to sexual orientation, sex, gender, and gender identity and, we believe, will result in a more comfortable living environment and on-campus home for some of our students.

Gender-Inclusive housing is provided in suite-style (sharing a bathroom) double and single rooms and single rooms with private bathrooms. Students must select the "Gender-Inclusive" housing option in the Housing Communities application. Applicants can request each other as roommates or will be assigned together in a community. Gender-Inclusive housing will never be randomly assigned to a student.

If a vacancy occurs during the year, the current resident is encouraged to find an agreeable roommate who would also be placed in the housing system as Gender-Inclusive. If that isn't possible, we'll work with the current occupant to identify the best solution, but reserves the right to assign the room as a gender dynamic space. That is, the current occupant would designate the gender any other student assigned there, if not mutually identified.


Location: Kent

The all-women living learning environment was built upon the rich history of the Women’s College of Delaware. Kent Residence Hall provides the privacy of being a stand-alone building (no access from other buildings), and features a prominent location on the South Green. The all-women living learning environment will continue to provide robust programming and meet the needs of women looking for a unique community on our campus.


Location: Sussex

Substance Free Housing is a Housing Community available for students who are willing to make an affirmative commitment to maintain a living environment free from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Sussex Hall, on Central Campus, is air-conditioned and coed by floor, with single and double rooms. Upper division students interested in an experience free from smoke and alcohol can select this building.

NOTE: Most Housing Options are only available to upper-division students, but Substance-Free Housing may be available to freshmen with special circumstances.

Residence Life & Housing is part of the Division of Student Life, which advances equity and inclusion, deepens student learning and drives holistic development through education, experiences and communities.