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Roommate Resources

So you're going to live with a roommate. What's that all about?

Living with a roommate is an iconic part of the college experience.  For many students, living in a residence hall is the first time they've shared space with individuals outside of their family of origin. This is an exceptional opportunity for personal growth and learning, but it can also pose some challenges. Read through the resources below to help your transition to communal living. 

Match to a roommate or request a friend

When you fill out your housing application, you will answer a series of lifestyle questions that will be used to match you to a potential roommate. Students also have the option of requesting a specific person.  As long as the request is mutual and there are no other restrictictions on you or your roommate's assignment (such as incongruous participation in a Living Learning Community), we will make every effort to place roommate groups together. 

Looking for a Roommate? Fill out our questionnaire. 


If you would prefer to take an active role in your roommate assignment, you can participate in our optional roommate questionnaire. In this process, students can share more information about themselves and then reach out to other students who are looking for a roommate. In the questionnaire, students share information about themselves like on-campus activities, passions and social media proflies. Each question is optional, you can answer all of the questions, some of the questions, or choose not to particpate at all!

Students who participate will receive a document with all the particpants shared info and contact information. Then, it's up to you to reach out to any individuals you might be interested in learning more about. If you agree to be roommates, you can select each other in the Housing Application (more details to come). 

Keep in mind that whatever you share will be sent to all the particpants, so favorite tv show is great content, social security numbers are not.  As you fill out the application, please be aware of all relevant deadlines for submission to the questionnaire and for the housing application. 


Questions to ask your roommate or potential roommate:

Some students welcome news friends in the room, others prefer to keep the space more private. For many students, their feelings on daytime guests do not extend to the overnight hours. Make sure you and your current or potential roommate discuss how guests will be handled and approved. 

Every student arrives at UD excited to become a part of the academic and co-curricular community. However, the distribution of their enthusiasm for academics vs. social life may vary. Likewise, 'social time' may differ greatly in it's presentation. College is a great time to explore all sorts of social groups and activities, but be honest with your potential or current roommate about where your current tendencies lie. For example, are you an all-night gamer? A hobby yodeler? A professional mime? Chat with your roommate about your social expectations and how it may impact your shared space. 

Some room supplies might make sense to share, others may be off limits. Some items to consider: 

  • splitting the microfridge fee
  • if either or both is bringing a large-screen tv
  • rugs
  • additional furniture
  • snacks shared or not shared
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • cleaning supplies
  • fans

Disagreements are natural and should be planned for. The best time to talk about how to disagree is before you find yourself in a disagreement.  Let your roommate know how you feel most comfortable receiving critical feedback, and how you might decide when priorities clash. In addition, the ground rules you set up in the beginning of the year might need occaisional or ad hoc revision-- talk about how to bring that up.