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Housing Info & Policies

Welcome to the hub of all our housing information and residence hall policies. Since we know the housing process can be complicated, we're always here for you. Just hit the "email us your questions" or "send us a Facebook message" buttons if you have questions, can't find what you're looking for, or just want to chat with a real person.

What's Coming Up

Here's a quick summary of all the information you, or your student, needs to help plan their Fall 2020 experience!

We know this is a lot of information, and you may have housing questions. We're happy to answer them! Just hit that email button below. Or, you can call us at 302-831-4663.

Priority for housing will be provided to students who have a guaranteed housing contract and have been identified by their college as needing to be on campus for academic continuity. This means the student is participating in a face-to-face (F2F) class or other academic requirement necessitating that they be on the Newark campus, including student teaching or clinicals.

Students are also eligible for on-campus housing if they have an academic program with an in-person component, such as ROTC. Our department doesn't have that list, but the academic program would have reached out to your student regarding this component.

The Provost’s office, in coordination with the Deans and the Registrar, has provided our department with information on students needing to reside on campus for academic continuity. We'll send an email to all returning students during the last week of July to confirm which students will be provided housing on campus based on the course registration information. New students will receive emails at the end of the first week of August with this same determination.

Because of reduced space, only students whose initial registration puts them in a course requiring F2F instruction will be housed. Students who undergo registration changes in August or in September will be provided with on campus housing as space becomes available.

Students will have an opportunity to request to live on campus based on needs related to academic success, housing insecurity, distance or financial aid implications. Because space on campus is expected to be limited, we encourage students to find other opportunities for housing. 

Most students will need to be reassigned to a new space to align with the university’s reduced occupancy efforts and safety measures. You will receive notification of your final assignment via email in mid-August.

Please connect with Disability Support Services as they are the experts on your accommodation and can work with you about any needs you may have for academic success. Visit them at www.udel.edu/dss.

We'll do our best to keep roommates together in the spring. In late October, we'll share more information about housing for the spring semester.

In late October, we'll share more information about housing for the spring semester.

This assignment is only for the fall semester. ALL students will be required to fully move out, including their belongings, at the end of the fall semester. This applies to all students including those in apartment-style housing. 

Our 2020-2021 rates are available! On, or about, August 7, eligible students who have accepted their Fall housing request will be charged a general room rate. This rate will appear on your student's bill. These rates are not final, and will be adjusted when assignments are sent out the week of August 17.

Each student will be housed one per room in

  • traditional (students share a community bathroom), 
  • suite (students share a bathroom with one other room), and 
  • apartment-style buildings (students have either a private bathroom or a shared bathroom). 

Buildings with air conditioning will be utilized first and non-air conditioned spaces used, as needed.

Yes, while courses will continue primarily online after the US Thanksgiving holiday, students who need access to their residence hall assignment and meal plan will have access to them until the end of the semester. 

Students who choose not to utilize their space or meal plan will not receive a rate adjustment. 

Students who choose not to return after the holiday should remove all belongings from their room prior to departing, and follow departure guidelines provided in November.

Move-in details are being altered to accommodate changes of occupancy, and we hope to share them here sometime after August 10. We anticipate Move-in to begin on August 26, and run through August 30. Students will be given a move-in appointment (date and time) to de-densify the process for all participants.

You can review our full residence hall regulations on our Our Policies page, but the following are the most recent additions:

The biggest change in our residence halls is that no guests who live outside of the building will be allowed in the building. Additionally, no overnight guests will be permitted.

Students will be required to wear a face covering anytime they are outside of their room.

Yes, all furniture will remain in the room even though the room will be used as a single room.

LLCs are working to provide virtual options for all students at this time. More details will be coming soon.

Custodial Services will clean all public restrooms two times per day and all high touch points will be wiped two times per day also. Hand sanitizers will be strategically placed throughout the residence halls. 

Yes, the University has identified spaces for use if a student needs to be quarantined while awaiting the results of a COVID 19 test; or isolated, if they test positive but do not require medical intervention.

If the University is required to close due to a COVID outbreak resulting in the closing of the residence halls, necessary account adjustments will be made at that time.

2020-2021 Housing Rates

All students assigned to residence halls will be charged one of our published rates for the assigned hall and room type. As of August 7, students were charged a general rate for their room. Rates will be adjusted after room assignments go out. 

For rate questions, please email us.

The traditional residence halls without air conditioning include: Brown, Cannon, Harrington, Harter, Lane, New Castle, Russell, Smyth, Thompson and Warner.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $9,692 $4,846
Single room with bath $10,680 $5,340
Double room $8,152 $4,076
Double room with bath $8,646 $4,323
Large room (triple/quad) $8,152 $4,076

The traditional residence halls with air conditioning include: Caesar Rodney, Gilbert, Kent, Redding, Sharp, South Academy Street, Squire, Sussex and Sypherd.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $9,832 $4,916
Single room with lofted bed $9,692 $4,846
Single room with bath $10,820 $5,410
Double room $8,304 $4,152
Double room with bath $8,798 $4,399
Large room (triple/quad) $8,304 $4,152
Large room (triple/quad) with bath $8,798 $4,399

The suite-style residence halls with air conditioning include: George Read, Independence, James Smith, Ray Street and Thomas McKean.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $10,492 $5,246
Double room $8, 940 $4, 470

Excutive apartments can be found in multiple residence halls.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Apartment without air conditioning $8,590 $4,295
Apartment with air conditioning $9,080 $4,540
Room Type
Annual Rate
Semester Rate
1 bedroom, 1 bath $12,704 $6,352
2 bedroom, 2 bath $10,538 $5,269
2 bedroom, 2 bath (large) $10,820 $5,410
4 bedroom, 2 bath $9,786 $4,893
4 bedroom, 4 bath $9,974 $4,987
Room Type
Annual Rate
Semester Rate
2 bedroom, 2 bath $10,538 $5,269
2 bedroom, 2 bath (large) $10,820 $5,410


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