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What's Coming Up

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Application Guide

Spring break begins on March 27, 2020 with halls closing at 7 p.m. Residence halls will reopen on April 5, 2020 at noon. 

Spring Break Housing Options:

  • Stay late until 10 a.m. of March 28 for no fee. If you leave after 10 a.m., you will incur a $150 improper check-out fee.
  • Enjoy full break housing for the entire week for $240. 

Partial stays cannot be requested or prorated.

  • Arrive early on April 4 for $50/night. 

To request one of these options, please complete the Spring Break housing application in the Breaks & Early/Late stays section of the My Housing portal available February 25-March 26. Apartment style housing remains open for breaks, so those residents will automatically keep building access and do not need to apply for break housing.

If you are leaving for break, you don’t need to formally check out with a staff member or turn in your room key, but your building access will be turned off when the halls close if you don’t live in an apartment. Be sure to keep your room key and ID card in a safe place over break!  

Before leaving for break, you should make sure to do the following:

  • If applicable, close and lock windows and close the shades. Take garbage and recycling to appropriate dumpsters. 
  • Unplug all electronics except refrigerators and fish tanks; however, remove perishable items from refrigerators.
  • If applicable, turn the heat on to low.
  • Close and lock doors. 

To contribute to the safety and security of our residence halls, Resident Assistant staff will be entering rooms to conduct health and safety checks during break.

Apply for Spring Break Housing

New, incoming Spring 2020 first-year and transfer admits (including students from the Delaware in DC program) who want to live on campus for 2020-2021 can apply for guaranteed housing* on the My Housing Portal starting on February 3 and ending at 5 p.m on February 28, 2020.

*Guaranteed housing: We guarantee that you will have a space on campus, we don't guarantee a specific location, room type, or preferred roommate.


Learn More on the Application Guide

From February 6 through February 28 at 5 p.m., returning students with a valid application can log back into the My Housing Portal to update preferences such as lifestyle questions, roommates and LLC applications. 

In addition, students who have decided to live off-campus can cancel their application without incurring the $200 cancellation fee if they cancel by 5pm on February 28, 2020. 

Learn More on the Application Guide

Our Current Housing Rates

All students assigned to residence halls will be charged one of our published rates for the assigned hall and room type. If a student moves from one hall or room type to a different one, they'll be charged the new rate for the space, effective date of occupancy; this includes moving during the academic year.

The traditional residence halls without air conditioning include: Brown, Cannon, Harrington, Harter, Lane, New Castle, Russell, Smyth, Thompson and Warner.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $9,502 $4,571
Single room with bath $10,470 $5,235
Double room $7,992 $3,996
Double room with bath $8,476 $4,238
Large room (triple/quad) $7,992 $3,996

The traditional residence halls with air conditioning include: Caesar Rodney, Gilbert, Kent, Redding, Sharp, South Academy Street, Squire, Sussex and Sypherd.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $9,640 $4,820
Single room with lofted bed $9,502 $4,751
Single room with bath $10,608 $5,304
Double room $8,142 $4,071
Double room with bath $8,626 $4,313
Triple room (First-year areas only) $7,992 $3,996
Large room (triple/quad) $8,142 $4,071
Large room (triple/quad) with bath $8,626 $4,313

The suite-style residence halls with air conditioning include: George Read, Independence, James Smith, Ray Street and Thomas McKean.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $10,286 $5,143
Double room $8,764 $4,382
Triple Room (First-year areas only) $8,626 $4,313
Large room (Triple in Ray Street) $8,764 $4,382

Excutive apartments can be found in multiple residence halls.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Apartment without air conditioning $8,422 $4,211
Apartment with air conditioning $8,902 $4,451
Room Type
Annual Rate
Semester Rate
1 bedroom, 1 bath $12,454 $6,227
2 bedroom, 2 bath $10,332 $5,166
2 bedroom, 2 bath (large) $10,608 $5,304
4 bedroom, 2 bath $9,594 $4,797
4 bedroom, 4 bath $9,778 $4,889
Room Type
Annual Rate
Semester Rate
2 bedroom, 2 bath $10,332 $5,166
2 bedroom, 2 bath (large) $10,608 $5,304

Breaks & Early/Late Stay Fees

The front of Gilbert residence hall.

All residence halls close for three breaks throughout the school year: Thanksgiving Break, December Break and Spring Break. Students may request break housing in all traditional residence halls. Courtyard, One Easton or Executive Apartments residents aren't required to vacate during holiday/vacation breaks; therefore they're exempt from the following fees.

We charge a fee to remain in traditional residence halls during breaks. Find our Interim Housing applications in the My Housing portal.

Fall/Spring Early Check-In and Late Stay $50/night
Thanksgiving Break Interim Housing (8 nights) $240
December Break Interim Housing (21 nights) $630
Spring Break Interim Housing (8 nights) $240
Improper Check-out Fee
Assessed if a student fails to follow proper check-out instructions.


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