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Housing Info & Policies

Welcome to the hub of all our housing information and residence hall policies. Since we know the housing process can be complicated, we're always here for you. Just hit the "email us your questions" or "send us a Facebook message" buttons if you have questions, can't find what you're looking for, or just want to chat with a real person.

What's Coming Up

Here's a quick summary of the information available you, or your student, needs for planning Thanksgiving Break, Winter Session or Spring 2021.

We know you may have housing questions. We're happy to answer them! Just hit that email button below. Or, you can call us at 302-831-4663.

Thanksgiving Break

Yes! The housing contract for the fall goes through Friday, Dec. 18, the last day of final exams, and current residents are welcome to stay through their last final exam, or 10 PM on Friday, Dec. 18. Dining halls are also open until this time.

All students must let us know their plans for the rest of the semester by completing the Thanksgiving Break 2020 application within the My Housing Portal no later than Oct. 30 at 5 PM.

Thanksgiving Break begins on Friday, November 20 after the last class, which ends at 10 PM. The last meal in the dining hall is lunch on Friday, November 20. The residence halls will close on Saturday, November 21 at 10 AM and will reopen on Sunday, November 29 at Noon.

You must notify us of your semester plans by indicating one of the following options on the Thanksgiving Break 2020 Application:

  • Staying on campus for some or all of the break (includes any time you will be on campus during the break period). There is no additional charge for housing to stay during the break, but students (including those in apartments) must indicate if they will be here for safety and security purposes.
  • Leaving campus for the entirety of the break (Nov. 21 at 10 AM through Nov. 29 at Noon), but returning to campus after break for the rest of the semester. Students are encouraged to be tested for COVID‐19 before traveling to reduce the potential of spread of the virus. Access to the residence halls will be turned off during the break times.
  • Moving out of my room for the rest of the semester at the break, and will take all personal belongings with me. There is no refund of any housing charges if you choose to move out at the Thanksgiving Break. Students who select this option will receive additional instructions about the move out process.
  • Moving out of my room for the rest of the semester at the break, and will contract with Lazybones to pack and store my belongings. There is no refund of any housing charges if you choose to move out at the Thanksgiving Break. Lazybones’ fees related to packing and storage are the sole responsibility of the student. Students who select this option will receive additional instructions about the move out process. Register with Lazybones here to have your items packed and stored after you leave campus until spring semester.

All students currently living in on‐campus housing and remaining on‐campus after Thanksgiving Break for the rest of the fall semester are required to be tested through the University of Delaware COVID‐19 Screening Test sites on BOTH the Monday, November 30 and Wednesday, December 2. All campus residents will receive an invitation and can schedule an appointment for a time which is convenient for them.

COVID testing remains free of charge to our students each Monday and Wednesday. You can find out more about the testing being done and schedule an appointment by visiting UD’s COVID Testing, Screening, and Testing webpage (look for the "If I’m not symptomatic and have not been contacted about a test, can I request one anyway?" question).

Our residence halls will close for the semester at 10 PM on Friday, December 18. All students still living on campus after Thanksgiving Break are required to fully move out with all personal belongings when they leave at the end of the semester.

Unfortuantely, students cannot leave their belongings in their room, even if they're planning to return for the spring semester. This is necessary as room assignments will be redone and residence halls will be cleaned. We recommend students consider taking some of their belongings with them at Thanksgiving if they are going home for just the break, to reduce the work of moving out in December.

Students who want to have some or all of their belongings packed and stored locally rather than taking them home have the option to contract with Lazybones for a fee at their own expense.

Students moving out of the halls at Thanksgiving Break can register now, while those moving out at fall closing in December can sign up later in the semester.

Lazybones will enter into registered rooms to pack belongings in December after the halls have closed for the semester. The university will not cover this cost and holds no liability for students’ belongings. Register with Lazybones here to have your items packed and stored after you leave campus until spring semester.

Winter Session

No, unfortunately housing will not be available for Winter Session, unless there are documented extenuating circumstances. A majority of classes will be online; check out all available Winter Session details here and regsiter for classes starting the week of October 26.

Spring 2021

All students with a valid housing contract are eligible to live on campus for Spring 2021, this includes students who are currently living on campus for the fall and students who chose to defer to the spring semester.

For transfer students and new spring freshmen, we'll open a Spring 2021 housing application sometime in Decemeber. Please check back here (and your email) for more details.

Beginning on Monday, November 9 and ending at 5 PM on Friday, November 20, students have an opportunity to indicate in the My Housing Portal if they want to be housed on campus for Spring or be released from their contract.

This timing coincides with Spring 2021 course registration, when students will have information about in‐person courses. Student choosing to be released during this time period won't be charged any penalty or fees.

We can't guarantee spring housing, we are confident we'll be able to house all students who request it by the advertised deadline.

After the Thanksgiving Break, we'll notify students if they'll be offered a space, or if they're wait listed. No student is guaranteed a space on campus for spring until this offer is sent. Priority will be given to first-year students who matriculated in Fall 2020 and to graduating seniors who have an anticipated graduation date of May 2021. If there are spaces still available after first-year students and seniors have been assigned, remaining spaces will be offered to students on the wait list.

Since we don't know how many students want on‐campus housing for spring, we can't offer any guarantees at this stage, but we are confident we'll be able to house all students who request housing by the deadline. If a student is waitlisted, they will have the opportunity to cancel their contract without any fees, up until an offer of housing is made.

All residence halls will be in use, including traditional spaces. Students won't be able to request a specific type of room or residence hall, and can be placed in any building, with the potential of first-year students being housed in apartments. We will do our best to populate floors and buildings with similar populations (e.g. first year students live with other first year students and likewise for sophomores, juniors and seniors).  

No roommates will be allowed, and only one student per bedroom (for apartments, students are already one person per bedroom). If there is another student you previously requested as a roommate within your initial housing application who will also be on campus, we will do our best to assign them to the same floor/building, but this cannot be guaranteed. We aren't accepting new roommate requests.

Our Fall 2020 COVID policies will remain in place, which prohibits:

  • anyone who does not live within the building (including other non‐building students and family members) from visiting; and
  • overnight guests. 

Residents may have only a limited number of in‐building student guests (currently it's one) allowed in their room. These restrictions are in place for ALL residence halls, including our apartments.

Unfortunately, we can't meet our LLC housing needs due to the limits on physical gatherings. Each student should check in with their LLC program coordinator to see what programming is available for them.

All students living in traditional or suite-style buildings will pay the two-person rate (listed as the double rate in our cost information) for their building, even though they'll be housed in a space by themselves. Find our current housing rates below.

2020-2021 Housing Rates

All students assigned to residence halls will be charged one of our published rates for the assigned hall and room type. 

For rate questions, please email us.

The traditional residence halls without air conditioning include: Brown, Cannon, Harrington, Harter, Lane, New Castle, Russell, Smyth, Thompson and Warner.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $9,692 $4,846
Single room with bath $10,680 $5,340
Double room $8,152 $4,076
Double room with bath $8,646 $4,323
Large room (triple/quad) $8,152 $4,076

The traditional residence halls with air conditioning include: Caesar Rodney, Gilbert, Kent, Redding, Sharp, South Academy Street, Squire, Sussex and Sypherd.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $9,832 $4,916
Single room with lofted bed $9,692 $4,846
Single room with bath $10,820 $5,410
Double room $8,304 $4,152
Double room with bath $8,798 $4,399
Large room (triple/quad) $8,304 $4,152
Large room (triple/quad) with bath $8,798 $4,399

The suite-style residence halls with air conditioning include: George Read, Independence, James Smith, Ray Street and Thomas McKean.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Single room $10,492 $5,246
Double room $8, 940 $4, 470

Excutive apartments can be found in multiple residence halls.

Room Type Annual Rate Semester Rate
Apartment without air conditioning $8,590 $4,295
Apartment with air conditioning $9,080 $4,540
Room Type
Annual Rate
Semester Rate
1 bedroom, 1 bath $12,704 $6,352
2 bedroom, 2 bath $10,538 $5,269
2 bedroom, 2 bath (large) $10,820 $5,410
4 bedroom, 2 bath $9,786 $4,893
4 bedroom, 4 bath $9,974 $4,987
Room Type
Annual Rate
Semester Rate
2 bedroom, 2 bath $10,538 $5,269
2 bedroom, 2 bath (large) $10,820 $5,410

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