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Life in Our Halls

Our halls are vibrant communities where our students can achieve their aspirations and grow together. We provide a multitude of learning opportunities for students. Check out our past in-hall programming!

  Grow Your Skills



  Community Building

Growing Your Skills & Strengths

You can be whoever you want to be in college, so grow your skills while you're here! This programming will challenge you to grow in numerous ways: professionally, academically, socially and more. Participate in an RA catch-up with your resident assistant, or attend one of our sophomore-specific workshops.

Have a one-on-one conversation with your Resident Assistant about your overall UD experience, and the goals you have for both now and beyond UD! Trained RAs help our residents work through setting goals and getting connected to resources for supporting their achievements.

Our Intercultural Awareness Series is a monthly newsletter and events geared toward increasing inquiry, curiosity, and discussion of cultural differences. 

Residents have a variety of opportunities to take the CliftonStrengths inventory through participation in multiple RLH leadership programs including RAILE, Community Council, and the Spring into Success Conference.

CliftonStrengths is an individual list that provides insight into your unique talents and skills. Your report provides you with strategies and tools to achieve success at UD and beyond.

In addition to workshops, students who have taken the inventory can meet one-on-one with a Certified Strengths Coach to discover how to apply their report to their social, academic, and career goals.

The Sophomore Skills Series is an opportunity for sophomores to connect with campus resources and information so they can develop and achieve goals related to their academics, career preparation, finances, and other transitional issues.

Residents are able to participate in workshops, meet with their Residence Hall Coordinators, and learn valuable info to help them explore what campus can offer.

Spring into Success is a 2-day success conference for residential and commuter students at UD. Participants can attend a series of workshops, panels, and presentations to help them to set goals for success as they begin the spring semester.

Service Programming

In RLH, service is more than just "giving back" - it's active citizenship in Newark, and also our global community. Our service programming includes our annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in February, and weekly engagement activities in our first-year residence halls.

Every Febrary, in collaboration with the Blue Hen Leadership Program (BHLP), our department hosts the annual MLK Day of Service to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Traditionally, the national MLK Day of Service is held in January; however, in consideration of the University’s Winter Session, we observe the day of service in February, so that UD students have the opportunity to serve in honor of Dr. King together.

ROSE is an opportunity for interested students to engage in active citizenship through participation in a long-term, community based, service project. This program is geared towards students who are interested in participating in a one week service-immersion experience, while taking an in-depth look at issues impacting the community where they're conducting service.

In the weeks prior, participating students will gather monthly to learn more about the service agency and types of service they'll complete. These meetings are also a great time to connect with other students.

During the service experience, participants will travel in teams to engage in active service that meets the needs of one community while exploring the culture and history of the area.

Service experiences are available to all students living in the residence halls.

Weekly Engagement takes place in every first year area and provides an opportunity for students to engage thoughtful and educationally with one another in a residential setting. Students will have the opportunity to participate in service, trivia, and a variety of other activities that encourage them to learn more about themselves, their community, and contribute.


Leadership development is an exciting opportunity provided by living in our residence halls! Find out what leadership mean to you through any of our development programs, like in-hall Community Councils, or our resident assistant internship program, RAILE.

RAILE is a leadership development program that will allow you to see into the life of an RA while gaining exposure to valuable leadership skills and campus opportunities that can be applied to your professional goals.

The program starts October 1 and goes until March 1 for students interested in the RA position. Participants not interested in the RA position have until April 13 to complete the program.

It's not a requirement for consideration for the Resident Assistant position, but portions of the program can be submitted along with an application. 

Program participants are matched with a guide RA from your complex and take part in a series of core experiences and select from a wide variety of additional options. For more information, please talk with any of our staff or view the RAILE Checklist.

Commuter students are also welcomed to participate. Email Tierra Fields, RAILE program coordinator, for more information.


Get Certified

RAILE is an individualized experience where students have the opportunity to choose their journey for completion! We offer four different certifications based on the ways in which the participant engages with the program:

Bronze RAILE Certification – Completion of one activity in each category and a reflection paper will grant you this certification (5 total).

Silver RAILE Certification – Completion of all Core Components, which provide a broad perspective of leadership within the residence halls, and a reflection paper will grant you this certification (5 total).

Gold RAILE Certification – Completion of all Core Components and any 5 Choose Your Own components will grant you this certification (10 total).

Platinum RAILE Certification – Interested in going in depth in a specific leadership area? Then, this is the certification for you. Participate in all Core Components and one complete leadership development category (Community Engagement, Intercultural Exploration, Relationship Skills, or Self Development) to receive this certification. (12 total)

Submit your completed checklist here

Community Councils are representative groups in each residence hall that give students like you a chance to make your community the best it can be through programming and advocacy! Connecting with your Community Council is an easy way to get involved, develop leadership skills and have an impact where you live.

  • These groups give students like you a chance to make your community the best it can be through programming and advocacy! Connecting with your Community Council is an easy way to get involved, develop leadership skills and have an impact where you live. 

  • Students can choose to run for office, volunteer to plan events or participate by attending events and activities. The activities of each council vary every year because it is all about what the residents want. Be sure to attend a community council meeting and see your ideas become reality. 

  • Each Community Council is supported by a Residence Life & Housing professional advisor and is an integral part of the Resident Student Association (RSA). 

  • Information about how to join Community Council will be available in August. If you have questions, contact the Community Council advisor listed below for your area.

Building Advisor

The Resident Student Association (RSA) at UD is invested in providing opportunities and resources that empower on-campus students to lead communities. Through programming, advocacy, and support of Community Councils, all residents have the ability to make the residence halls a home. 

NRHH provides opportunities for student leaders’ personal growth and development with an emphasis on service and recognition. NRHH is made up of on-campus students and strives to recognize and serve the residential community, UD and their service partners. Find more information here.

Upper-division residents (sophomores, juniors and seniors) can serve as leaders in their in-hall communities by taking on the role of a Community Chair. These chairs work with their RAs to plan and implement floor-level activities designed to promote connections between community members. This could be planning birthday celebrations, starting intramural or service teams, or anything a Community Chair might see as having a positive impact in their community!

Community Building

This programming will help you build relationships and connections with the residents who live in your residence hall. Create your own in-hall programming with our student initiative fund, or join a Neighborhood Empowerment Team committee, like the Birthday Committee!

This graphic says Student Leadership & Service Awards

The Residence Life & Housing Student Leadership & Service awards (SLSA) are an opportunity for the department to recognize the significant contributions our students make within their residence hall communities. The awards ceremony is held annually every May.

Nominate, or be nominated, for our awards:

  • Advocacy Spotlight
  • Community Chair
  • Community Service Intiative
  • Community of the Year
  • Citizen of the Year
  • Connection to the RLH Mission
  • Good Neighbor
  • Inclusive Leader of the Year
  • Meaning Making
  • NET Leader
  • Outstanding Partnership
  • Perspective Exploration
  • Student Initiated Programming

Learn more about SLSA & nominate today

The Student Initiative Fund is a program that provides resources for students to host their own events in their residence hall! Students can work with their in-hall staff to bring in activities from their clubs/organizations, share a particular interest or expertise, or simply host a fun social event for their peers. The more creative, the better!

How does my SIF receive funding?

  • Approved SIF events will be allocated up to $100.

  • You can request additional funding up to $40 (see Additional Funding below).

  • While we don't fund custom apparel, “make and takes” are a great way to get people together. (Crafts, tie-dying, etc.)

  • Applications are for one-time events, but multiple applications are welcome.

  • Planning a competition? Prize money can be allocated up to $15.

Additional Funding

You can request up to an additional $40 if your event qualifies for one of the following:

  • Is this a service event that will benefit a community service organization?

  • Is it a late-night weekend event? (Friday or Saturday after 9:30 p.m.)

  • Is it a certified environmentally sustainable program?*

  • Is it an academic event?

  • Is it an event that will promote cultural learning or sharing?

*For your event to be certified environmentally sustainable, please fill out and submit the form via email after you submit your SIF request.

How do I get reimbursed?

The form for student reimbursements for an SIF event can be found here. This form is also emailed to you automatically the day following your SIF program with instructions about reimbursement.

SIF Event Checklist

  1. Decide what event you want to do that will build community. Be sure it has active community components!

  2. Confirm your date, time, and location with your RHC/RA.

  3. Make a shopping list. You will be required to list items that you wish to purchase on your SIF application.

  4. Think about how you will purchase the needed items. Will you personally purchase the items or collect money from your floor? If you are having trouble figuring out this step, talk to your RHC for more options. Any student who cannot pay out of pocket is still welcomed to apply and your RHC will help supply items needed! Any money spent by a student within the approved budget will be reimbursed by Residence Life and Housing.

  5. Do you qualify for additional funding? If your event is a service, environmentally sustainable, promotes cultural learning, or is a late night and weekend event, you may qualify. See above for more details to see if your program qualifies!

  6. Develop a plan to advertise and promote your event. Work with your Residence Life and Housing Staff to find the best way to advertise in your community.

  7. Fill out the online application.

  8. Optional: Come to a council meeting to present your request. All requests will be presented regardless of whether or not the application initiator is in attendance.

  9. After you receive approval, shop and advertise! If your request is not approved, consider reapplying based on the feedback for improvement.

  10. Have a great event!

  11. Keep all receipts! Fill out the Reimbursement Form found on the website. Reimbursements will be available in the form of a check to be picked up at the Residence Life and Housing office in 116 Gilbert Hall.


What happens at SIF Council meetings?

All students are welcome to attend the SIF Council Meetings to help make allocation decisions and offer suggestions for program requests. Students are also encouraged to present their SIF request for immediate feedback and approval notification.

Our Neighborhood Empowerment Teams exist on every first-year residence hall floor. Students utilize their strengths, talents and interests to create great programming, lead meetings and advocate for their fellow residents. 

To promote environmentally-conscious practices in the residence halls, we encourage residents to participate in the Green Room Challenge! The challenge is an annual inventory for students to learn about and incorporate sustainable practices they can enact in their residence hall room.


Residence Life & Housing is part of the Division of Student Life, which contributes and facilitates critical learning and development within healthy, inclusive and supportive communities, so that all students may thrive at UD and beyond.