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Moving in & out

Spring 2022 Move-out

It’s almost summertime! Before you leave campus, be sure to connect with an in-hall staff member to check out, turn in your room key/fob and complete all checkout steps to avoid unnecessary fees. Read below for checkout procedures in your area of campus.

Spring 2022 Move-out

All residents (including those in apartments) are asked to move out of their rooms within 24 hours of their last final exam and must vacate no later than 10 p.m. on Thursday, May 26 when residence halls close for the summer. Students with certain circumstances like graduating seniors and those with late final exams can request a late stay (see FAQ below).

Moving out of traditional and suite-style rooms

Use the checklist below to complete move out steps in a traditional or suite-style room.

see the move-out checklist


  1. Remove all of your belongings from bedroom, bathroom and shared spaces
  2. Email any items which need to be repaired to
  3. Remove and dispose of garbage, recycling and unwanted items
  4. Lock the windows and shut the blinds (where applicable)
  5. Unplug, defrost and clean out rented microfridge (where applicable)
  6. Double-check all drawers, closets, nooks & crannies for belongings
  7. Turn off the lights and lock the door
  8. Check your mailbox and the package room before leaving
  9. Meet with a staff member during posted hours or during an appointment to check out of your residence hall and return your room key and any other resources or access items (must check out with staff member even if key is lost)


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Moving out of University Courtyard Apartments

Use the checklist below to complete move out steps in a University Courtyard Apartment room.

see the move-out checklist


  1. Remove all your belongings from the bedroom, bathroom, and shared spaces
  2. Email any items which need to be repaired to
  3. Close and lock all windows and exterior doors
  4. Remove all unwanted items including perishables, trash, and items on the walls, doors and ceilings
  5. Ensure all university-provided furniture is in your room and shared apartment spaces
  6. Check your mailbox and for packages before leaving
  7. Complete the check-out process with your RA during your scheduled check-out appointment or check out in the clubhouse during posted hours. Return your room fob, mail key and any other resources at that time (must check out even if fob is lost).


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Each residence hall will post and communicate designated times and locations for students to check out with a staff member during the last week of final exams and will share specific instructions for students needing to check out earlier, so please reach out to your Resident Assistant or Residence Hall Coordinator/Hall Director if you have questions. Depending on when you plan to leave, you may need to make an appointment with a staff member in advance. The check out process can take up to 30 minutes, so plan accordingly.

If you rented a microfridge, please unplug, defrost and clean out the unit before checking out. You may leave the unit in your room. It will be picked up after buildings have closed.

We do not offer storage for belongings over the summer. Students must remove all belongings from their rooms upon check out. Students can pursue local off campus storage options if needed.


Dumpsters will be placed around campus for residence hall move out.

The ‘UDon’t Need It?’ program also will be available from May 24 - June 10th down at UD’s Star Campus located at 540 S. College Avenue.  Dumpsters will be available for students to discard any unwanted items.  Please visit their website for a schedule of dates and hours of operation.


Students with eligible circumstances can request a late stay by completing the Late Stay Spring 2022 application in the My Housing portal under the “Breaks & Early/Late Stays” section of the portal. The application will be open from May 2 through May 25 at 5 p.m. 

Eligible circumstances: 

  • Late final exam - Vacate by 5/27 at 10 a.m. (no fee)

  • Graduating or participating in commencement - Vacate by 5/28 at 6 p.m. (no fee)

  • Other special circumstances approved in advance by the Residence Hall Coordinator/Hall Director - Vacate by 5/28 at 6 p.m. ($50/night)

  • Also applied for Interim and Summer Session housing with classes beginning June 6 - Move on 5/28 from 9 a.m. - Noon (no late stay fee, will pay interim housing fee)


Students who fail to follow proper check-out procedures may be billed a $150 improper check-out fee in addition to other key/fob and resource loss fees, depending.

Students that may have lost one of the above during spring semester still need to properly check out with a staff member upon their departure from the halls to avoid an improper check out fee..  There will be replacement fees for those items charged to your student account at the end of the semester.

Failure to remove all of your belongings or not leave your room clean may result in an excessive keeping charge. Belongings left behind after checking out will be discarded. Damage to the room or its contents may also result in additional fees.

Students may have guests enter the building to help move their belongings during closing. Please make sure that you are with your guests at all times as the doors to the building will be locked.

Please note that parking regulations are in effect. Please do not leave cars parked in fire lanes and be sure that you have the proper permit for any space you park your car. Learn more about the proper loading and unloading of vehicles prior to your departure. Gates near the walking paths at South Academy, Gilbert, Redding, Caesar Rodney and Independence Halls will be open to assist with loading on Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday (May 24, 25, 26) from 9am-4 p.m. Wheeled carts will be available in buildings with elevators to assist in transporting belongings.


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