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Moving in & out

Fall 2023 MOVE-OUT

It's almost the end of the fall semester and time for December Break! Before you leave campus, be sure to complete all of the steps to prepare for the break to avoid unnecessary fees. Read below for more details.

Fall 2023 Move-Out

Students living in traditional and suite style residence halls for the fall semester should check out with a staff member and turn in their room key within 24 hours of their last final exam and no later than Sunday, December 17 at 10 p.m. when halls officially close for the break. Apartments don’t close for break, and apartment residents who are returning for Spring do not need to formally check out at the end of the fall semester—they’ll keep their room fob and automatically maintain access to their apartment during the December Break & Winter Session.

Students living in apartments who will remain there for Spring do not need to submit an application or pay an extra fee to stay for the break. They’ll automatically retain access to their room for the break.

Students living in traditional or suite-style housing with a late final exam or travel restrictions who need to stay an extra night in the halls or who need housing during any portion of the break past the late stay must complete the December Break application in the My Housing portal under the Breaks & Early/Late Stays section of the portal. The application will be open from November 16 through December 13 at 5 p.m. 

  • Late Stay: This option permits you to be in your room until 10 a.m. on Monday, December 18 by which time you must check out. There is no additional fee for a late stay, however, failure to follow check out instructions may result in being charged administrative fees.

  • Full Break Housing: The December Break housing fee is $450 and will be charged to the student account. Students will have access to their room during the entire break from December 17-January 2. We do not offer partial hall access or a prorated fee.

Students leaving the university or being released from their contract at the end of the fall semester (graduation, study abroad, withdrawal, etc.) are not eligible for break housing and should fully vacate their room by the posted closing time.

Students living in traditional and suite-style halls who are leaving for break must vacate their residence hall and check out directly with a Residence Life & Housing staff member (typically a Resident Assistant), at which time they will turn in their room key. Building staff will communicate time frames when staff are available to conduct check outs. Students who fail to follow proper check-out procedures may be billed a $150 improper check-out fee in addition to key and resource loss fees depending on the circumstances. Be sure to plan ahead as the check out process can take up to 30 minutes.

Any student (including those in apartments) not returning to their same room for the Spring semester (graduation, study abroad, withdrawal, room change, etc.) must follow this check out process and also remove all personal belongings at that time.

Students who have lost their key should still check out with staff prior to leaving to avoid additional improper check out fees. There will be key core replacement charges billed to your student account.

Unless otherwise notified by our office prior to closing, students returning to campus for the Winter/Spring semesters should expect to return to the same room that they lived in at the end of the fall semester. This means that you may leave your belongings in your room over the break. We do recommend taking valuables and other items you may need while away (medications, clothing, electronics, etc.), as you won’t be able to get back into your room during the break. 

Alternatively, students moving to a new room for Winter/Spring or who are leaving the residence halls for the rest of the year at the end of the fall semester due to graduation, withdrawal, study abroad, etc. must remove all belongings from their room upon their checkout by the posted hall closing time. Failure to do so may result in being charged administrative fees.

During break, the Resident Assistant staff will enter student rooms to conduct health and safety checks, which help us maintain the safety and security of our residence halls. Make sure to do the following to prepare your room before you leave:

  • If applicable, close and lock your windows and close the shades.

  • Take garbage and recycling to appropriate dumpsters.

  • Empty, unplug and defrost refrigerators a few days before leaving.

  • Unplug all electronics.

  • If applicable, turn your heat on to low.

  • Close and lock your doors and turn off lights.

  • Check your mailbox and pick up any packages.

  • Return any resources (i.e. spare ONEcard, etc.)

  • Each roommate should complete and sign the room checklist provided by staff.
  • Remove any prohibited items.
  • If there is an empty bed space in your room, make sure the bed and corresponding furniture are empty as a new roommate may be assigned to that space at any time.


Parking regulations will be in effect during check out. Learn more about the proper loading and unloading of vehicles prior to your departure. The gates around the walking paths in certain areas of campus will be open to allow cars to get closer to the residence halls. Exact dates and times that gates will be open will be updated here in early December. Cars unloading in the fire lane must always have a licensed driver attendant at the vehicle, and loading is prohibited on city streets, including Academy Street. During move-out times, there is increased vehicle traffic, so please stay safe by using crosswalks and keeping alert when walking. Remember that dusk begins around 4 p.m. at this time of year, so be aware of your surroundings as drivers may have a harder time seeing pedestrians. Wheeled carts will not be available in buildings to assist in transporting belongings.

Resident Assistant staff will be on duty during the break, and contact information will be posted on residence hall entrance doors should you need to get in touch with a staff member. Other university services, including dining, student health services, and recreational activities may be limited or completely unavailable during the break. USPS mail service will continue through the break, but package centers will be closed. University offices close for the holiday on December 22, 2023 at 5 p.m. and reopen on January 2, 2024.

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