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Moving in & out

Move-In and Move-Out Process

The move-in and move-out process from the residence halls can differ at the beginning and end of each term. You can find more details on this page as it gets closer to each of those timeframes so that you know what you need to do during arrivals and checkouts.

Fall 2024 Move-in

Whether you are a new or returning student, we're excited to welcome you to campus in Fall of 2024.

First year students and freshman transfer students will receive a specific move-in appointment to arrive on campus, pick up their room key and move into their room on new student move-in days, Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24. Check-in times will be announced later this summer and will be staggered to help ease traffic and congestion in the area and in the buildings. We expect to send out assigned move-in appointments by late-July. While students can't request a specific day or time to move-in, they will have the opportunity during the summer to change their appointment time by selecting from other available times in the housing portal. Instructions will be included when they receive their move-in appointment email.

Upper division students (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors) and incoming transfer students not admitted as a freshman will move into their rooms on Sunday, August 25 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. There are no assigned check-in time windows that day for returning students, but students must plan to arrive to pick up their room key/fob during the timeframe posted here.

Staff from all over the university will be working hard during move-in days to welcome our Blue Hens to campus and make the process go as smoothly as possible! Later this summer, we will provide you with driving directions and detailed instructions for what to expect upon your arrival to campus. Check back here in early August for information about check-in, parking, unloading, etc.

Want to learn more details about move in procedures? Join Residence Life & Housing staff during a Move-In webinar on July 24 from 6-7pm. If you're unable to watch live, check back after the event for a recording of the webinar.

Specific check-in instructions will be posted here in early August, so check back then! 

Students are welcome to purchase and install their own minifridges (4.5 cubic feet or less) and microwaves (700 watts max). No more than one unit per room is permitted, so be sure to talk to your roommate before purchasing.

Many families enjoy the convenience of a rented microfridge. Campus Specialties Inc. provides microfridge rentals for all residence halls. All orders placed by August 1 will be delivered to your room prior to your arrival on campus. For students who don’t know their specific assignment by August 1, you can still order - just be sure to update your order with your room assignment once you receive it so you can be sure it arrives to the correct location before you come to campus.

Personal items:

  • Twin XL bedding (for suite & traditional-style residence halls and executive apartments) or Full-size bedding (University Courtyard apartments)

  • Pillows

  • Towels/washcloths

  • Clothing & shoes for rain, shine and possible snow!

  • Clothes hangers

  • Shampoo, Soap, deodorant

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Bathmat

  • Toilet Paper

  • Laundry supplies (basket, detergent, etc)

  • Personal and OTC medications

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Bathroom cleaning supplies if living in a suite or apartment (Students in these spaces  are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms)

  • Kitchen cleaning supplies (basics for traditional/suite rooms, and more if in an apartment)

  • Vacuums are available to sign out at RA offices, but you may also bring your own

  • Disinfectant Surface Wipes


  • Microwave no larger than 700 watts

  • Refrigerator no larger than 4.5 cubic ft (1 per room)


  • Laptop/Computer, charger

  • Printer

  • Surge Protector extension cord

  • Desk Lamp

  • Headphones with Mic

  • Smart TV (no cable)
  • Fan (for non-air conditioned spaces)


  • A few decorative items

  • Foods & snacks

  • Bike/bike lock (for added safety, register your bicycle with Parking Services)

  • Kitchen items, depending on room type

  • Small tool kit

Prohibited Appliances:

Preventing fire and electrical hazards is a very important shared responsibility of each community member necessary to maintain a safe environment.

Residents must not use or possess the appliances/items listed below.

  • Appliances containing exposed heating elements

  • Space heaters

  • Immersion coils for cups and mugs

  • Hot plates

  • Electric frying pans

  • Toasters & Toaster Ovens (only exceptions are University Courtyard Apartments)

  • Air fryers or rice cookers (only exceptions are University Courtyard Apartments)

  • Griddles

  • Dishwashers (except those installed by the university)

  • Indoor/outdoor grills of any kind including electric, gas or coal

  • Microwaves that exceed 700 watts

  • Large refrigerators (capacity greater than 4.5 cubic feet) and more than one refrigerator per room are not permitted

  • Halogen lamps

  • Lava lamps

  • Extension cords without surge protectors

  • Portable or free standing air conditioning or dehumidifier units

  • 3D Printers (3D printers may only be used in academic spaces)

  • E-mobility devices including hoverboards, e-scooters, e-bikes and e-skateboards

Additional prohibited items: 

  • Candles, electric candle warmers, incense and electric candle warmers.

  • The University of Delaware is a Tobacco-Free campus. The use of all tobacco products, tobacco related products, and smoking, including E-cigarettes and vaporizers, is prohibited on University property including residence hall rooms, apartments, University grounds and public areas. Read the full policy here.

  • The university does not permit bed lofts be they purchased or self-made. Students are permitted to utilize products frequently referred to as bed risers or furniture lifts which fit under the feet of the bed. These are only permitted under an individual bed, not under bunked beds. Most of these products are under 8 inches tall which provide the extra space desired for storage. When using bed risers, the top of the mattress height from the ground cannot exceed 5 feet.

Each student in the room has a bed (XL twin for most of campus, full-sized in UCA), a desk, a desk-chair, a wardrobe or closet/set of drawers, a waste basket and a recycling bin. The windows have built-in adjustable coverings (either blinds in apartments or roll-up shades in traditional and suite style buildings). Explore our halls to learn more about each of our buildings and take a virtual tour of a room. Note that we are unable to provide exact measurements and details for every aspect of each room and its furnishings.

Students assigned to the room type “Triple Room (FY)” or “Triple Suite (FY)” should expect that two of the three beds are bunked with 3 full sets of furniture in the room. This is important for planning as under-bed storage is less available.

In suite-style and apartment style rooms, residents are responsible for cleaning and supplying their bathrooms, though the shower is equipped with a plastic liner. In traditional-style rooms, the hall bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper and cleaned regularly by custodial services.

All rooms have ethernet access to the internet and secure wifi. University of Delaware does not provide or offer cable television. 

Traditional and suite style residence halls all have laundry facilities and access to a shared kitchen in the building.

There are several types of triple rooms on the campus. In your assignment email, you will find a box with the words “Room Type”. If the word triple is part of the description, you may be wondering what your type of triple means.

Triple Room or Triple Suite: These are rooms which always house three students in the room or on each side of the suite. There are over 500 of these beds on campus. These rooms can have all beds on the floor. Yes, sometimes the space is tight, but the room is designed to have all of the furniture be placed on the floor. The square footage is larger than the other triple room types listed below.

Triple Room (FY) or Triple Suite (FY): The “FY” notation means that these are triples in the newest first year residence halls. When these buildings were designed, they were built with larger student room square footage to be able to increase occupancy in a room depending on need. These buildings were also built with additional spaces in mind for the increased occupancy in the building including floor lounges and large common spaces (kitchens, laundry, etc.). These rooms are only located in buildings with air conditioning. It should be expected that two of the three beds will be bunked in these rooms. After arriving to campus, students interested in unbunking beds can submit a FixIt request to facilities, however, all university issued furniture must fit in the room and cannot be removed.

Any student will be able to request an early check-in to their residence hall for a fee on Wednesday, August 21. Check-in to pick up your room key/fob will occur between 5pm-7pm, and you can continue to move-into your room after that time. 

The fee for early check-in (based on a 8/21 arrival) is $100 for first year/first year transfer students and $200 for returning/transfer students. Students affiliated with a university sponsored group may be eligible for a discounted rate and should contact their coordinator for information about fee payment. Blue Hen Helpers will have their fee waived entirely pending confirmation of participation.

First year students should keep in mind that Blue Hen Helper assistance will not be available during early check-in. Dining halls will not open until Friday, August 23 for brunch and dinner and will have limited hours. More information will be available later in the summer.  

To request an early check-in, please complete the Early Arrival Fall 2024 application once it’s available within the Breaks & Early/Late Stays section of the My Housing portal. We expect the application to open by late July.

Blue Hen Helpers are volunteers who help new first-year students and families move their belongings into their residence hall rooms during New Student Move-In Days on Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24. All students are eligible to be Blue Hen Helpers!

Students who serve as Blue Hen Helpers and check in to the residence halls early on Wednesday, August 21 will get their early check-in fee waived entirely! Students can get more information and sign up now through mid-August in the Forms section of the My Housing portal through Thursday, August 15 at 5 p.m.

Community members who are not affiliated with UD but would like to volunteer can do so via this form. Please reach out to with any questions.

First Day of Classes is Tuesday August 27, 2024