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Assessing Our Work

We're committed to continuously improving the experience of our students by routinely gathering information about our students’ perceptions, experiences, learning, and development. Student feedback helps us improve the quality of our programs for future students. 

Fall Floor Feedback (FFF) 

The Fall Floor Feedback Has Launched!

The Fall Floor Feedback (FFF) is an annual survey used by RLH to measure various outcomes of students’ residence hall experience. It is our longest, and most utilized, assessment tool.  FFF launched on Tuesday Nov 1, 2022 and it will remain open through Nov 30, 2022. 

RLH prides itself on a very high return rate for the FFF. The results of the survey serve both as an indicator of our success in certain areas, but also as a tool to examine the experiences in individual floors/communities and how we can make improvements.. Thus, high return per floor is essential to look at trends on a floor level.

What are the incentives?

What are the incentives?

  • 1 floor per residence hall area with the highest completion rate will win a floor social event of their choice

  • 10 random participants- $5 Starbucks Gift Card

  • 1 random participant- UD Sweatshirt ($100 to Barnes and Noble)

What if I didn't get the survey?

Due to restrictions on data collection and minors, the FFF is only sent to students who are 18 years and older. If you will turn 18 during the time the survey is open, we will send you the link. Because of the incentives, students who did not get the survey on the launch date are not included in the calculations for determining winners. 

If you are 18 or older but did not get the survey, check your junk or spam folder. The survey came from “Christina Stauffer” with the subject: “Tell Us Tuesday: RLH Fall Floor Feedback Survey!”.

If you still cannot locate the survey, please contact Christina Stauffer at to be sent the link again. (Links are personalized so you must use the one sent to you).

Tell Us Tuesdays

RLH is using a weekly survey initiative to collect student opinions about their experiences in our residence halls. Every Tuesday, all residential students will receive a brief survey via their UD email. These surveys will ask students about their experiences, and the questions and topics will vary in each survey. 

On a weekly basis, RLH will highlight some of the surveys here on our website. 



Spring 2022 Data

What we wanted to know:

  • Students’ satisfaction with their community experience

March 8, 2022 survey highlights

Students’ satisfaction with their community experience

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Fall 2021 Data

What we wanted to know:

  • Students’ Satisfaction with Move-in

  • Students’ experiences their first few days in the residence halls

October 29, 2021 survey highlights

Students’ satisfaction with Residence Hall Facilities

October 19, 2021 survey highlights

Students’ experience of floor meetings

October 12, 2021 survey highlights

Students’ feeling of community in their residence halls

October 5, 2021 survey highlights

Infographic showing students were overall satisfied (4.2 out of 5 stars) with 2021 Move-In and 84% reported they made at least one friend within the first few days of moving in
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2020—2021 Data

In September of the 2020—2021 Academic Year, we launched our first 'Tell Us Tuesdays' survey.  Review the data here. 

March 2, 2021 survey highlights

What we wanted to know: Students' community experiences

What we are doing with your feedback

Floor Meetings with Get-To-Know-You Activities

Another set of floor meetings will begin on March 8th. Students will learn about their floor meeting time and location/link from their RA!


Student Initiated Programs

Students can host their own programs! Using the Student Initiated Programs link for their building, students can submit programs they would like to host for their community! There is funding available for programs that require supplies! 

Students can even partner with Registered Student Organizations, prepared with ready-to-go events!  Check out which Registered Student Organizations you can partner with for your event

Community Social Programs

Each Residence Hall hosts programs and events for students in the community. Upcoming events for specific communities will be highlighted in your RHC’s Weekly Newsletter and on your building’s Instagram page!

February 23, 2021 survey highlights

What we wanted to know: Satisfaction with Spring Move-in and general feedback on residence hall experience to date.

November 10 survey highlights

What we wanted to know: Student opinions their floor’s NET Captains, and their opinions on the Tell Us Tuesdays series.

70% of respondents said they took “all” or “most” of the Tell Us Tuesday surveys this semester

77% of respondents agreed that they enjoyed the Tell Us Tuesday survey series

November 3 survey highlights

What we wanted to know: Updated information about feelings of floor community, student opinions on floor meetings, and student opinions on RLH response to community incidents.

my floor meetings have been helpful assessment data
I feel connected to others in my community assessment data.

October 27 survey highlights

We wanted to know about: student perceptions of COVID testing on campus

October 20 survey highlights

Students’ relationship with their Residence Hall Coordinator and students’ experiences with Student Initiated Programs

October 13 survey highlights

This week we wanted to know: Students’ sense of belonging and feelings of mattering

March 23, 2021 survey highlights

Residents' relationships with their Resident Assistant and Residence Hall Coordinator

March 16, 2021 survey highlights

Students’ sense of belonging and feelings of mattering

March 9, 2021 survey highlights

Students’ experiences with Floor Meetings and RA Catch Ups

Floor Meetings

RA Catchups

October 6 survey highlights

This week we wanted to know: 

Students' relationships with their resident assistant

September 29 survey highlights

This week we wanted to know: 

Students' sense of belonging in the residence halls

September 22 survey highlights

This week we wanted to know: 

Student feelings related to their academic success so far this semester

I am successfully balancing my coursework so far this semester: 22% strongly agree, 71% agree and 8% disagree. Data from RLH Tell Us Tuesdays, Sept. 22.
I am able to perform my academic work in my residence hall, 53% strongly agree, 45% agree and 2% disagree. Data from RLH Tell us Tuesdays, Sept. 22.

September 15 survey highlights

This week we wanted to know: 

Student opinions on their floor meetings & RA Catch-Up Meetings

Over 50 percent of students in the residence halls have participated in an RA Catch-up meeting
of those who participated 92 percent of students found their RA Catch Up helpful in developing a relationship with their RA
of those who participated 96 percent of students agreed their RA Catch Up helped them feel there is individual support for them in their residence hall

September 8 survey highlights

This week we wanted to know: 

Student opinions on COVID compliance by your peers

Student satisfaction with our Move In Process

Students’ experiences within their residence hall community

What we're doing based on your feedback

We want to make sure students know about these opportunities in our residence halls!

Students shared that additional access and use of community lounges would help them to successfully complete their academic work. So, we're expanding our lounge usage!

To assist in keeping the community healthy, we're:

  1. Ensuring Max Capacity signage is on all lounges, so student can accommodate physical distancing.

  2. Posting all health and safety requirements.

  3. Implementing a reservation system for large community lounges for student events and floor meetings. We're also posting a link to reservation calendars, so students will know when a lounge is available for personal use.

  4. Providing supplies in lounges for students to disinfect table space and other high-touch areas before/after use.

Get Involved: Student Initiated Programs:

Learn about Student Initiated Programs, events students can host in their residence hall community. 

Check out your Building Instagram account to see what's going on in your community.

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