Our People

We are a key academic health center for the state of Delaware. Led by Dean Kathleen S. Matt, the College of Health Sciences is home to talented faculty and staff internationaly recognized for their research, teaching and service to their specific fields. Above all, we are dedicated to being the embodiment of a new direction in healthcare, which our students, faculty and staff are forging now through education, research, care and innovation.


Kathleen S. Matt headshot

Kathleen S. Matt

Dean, College of Health Sciences
charles buz swanik headshot

charles buz swanik

Deputy Dean, College of Health Sciences
William B. Farquhar headshot

William B. Farquhar

Associate Dean, Research
regina sims wright headshot

regina sims wright

Associate Dean, Diversity & Inclusion
catherine stoner headshot

catherine stoner

Assistant Dean, Student Services / OT Program
sam wilson headshot

sam wilson

Chief Business Officer
Martha Hall headshot

Martha Hall

Director, Innovation
Rita Landgraf headshot

Rita Landgraf

Director, Partnership for Healthy Communities
Professor, Practice
michael smith headshot

michael smith

Director, Strategic Initiatives
gina porter headshot

gina porter

Chief of Staff
maria taylor headshot

maria taylor

Director, CHS Facilities Planning
chase barnes headshot

chase barnes

Building Coordinator, Tower at STAR
taylor cahill headshot

taylor cahill

Building Coordinator, Health Sciences Complex
Barbara Vogt - College of Health Sciences

Barbara Vogt

Administrative Assistant III
Michael Peterson headshot

Michael Peterson

Chair, Behavioral Health & Nutrition
Aquiles Iglesias headshot

Aquiles Iglesias

Founding Director, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Founding Director Jennifer Horney

Jennifer Horney

Professor and Founding Director, Epidemiology
John J. Jeka headshot

John J. Jeka

Chair, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology

Elizabeth Speakman

Senior Associate Dean, Nursing
Esther Biswas-Fiss headshot

Esther Biswas-Fiss

Department Chair, Medical and Molecular Sciences
Darcy Reisman headshot

Darcy Reisman

Department Chair, Physical Therapy

Kelly Bachman

Director, Communication & Marketing
Kelly Bothum - College of Health Sciences

Kelly Bothum

Digital Content Specialist, Writing / PR
Ashley Barnas - College of Health Sciences

Ashley Barnas

Digital Communication Specialist, Video / Photo
Nicolette Jimenez - College of Health Sciences

Nicolette Jimenez

Digital Communication Specialist, Web / Social
Amanda Boone - College of Health Sciences

Amanda Boone

HR Manager, Hiring & Onboarding
Kimberly DeShields - College of Health Sciences

Kimberly DeShields

HR Generalist
Susan Villermaux

Susan Villermaux

Finance Analyst
karen sunkler headshot

karen sunkler

Events Manager
Melissa Beteau - college of health sciences

Melissa Betau

Administrative Assistant
Emily Lodyga - College of health sciences

Emily Lodyga

Academic Program Manager
Noel Ducksworth - College of Health Sciences

noel sincere duckworth

Coordinator, Partnerships for Healthy Communities

Kate DuPont Phillips

Director, Healthy Communities Delaware Initiative, Partnerships for Healthy Communities

Christine Sowinski

Program Coordinator, H.E.A.L.T.H. for All Initiative, Partnerships for Healthy Communities

Paulette Hussey-Kasten

Administrative Assistant, Partnerships for Healthy Communities
Dan Sarkissian - Development

Dan Sarkissian

Director for Development

Teresa Giacatto

Assistant Director for Donor Relations
alyssa benjamin headshot

alyssa benjamin

Pipeline Director

John Soltys

Interim Director, Computing Operations

Chris Sanabria

Computer Support Specialist
Ken Anunda

Ken Anunda

Computer Support Specialist

Jeremy Ruggiero

Computer Support Specialist
Epidemiology Biostatistics Core Ryan Pohlig headshot

Ryan Pohlig

Biostatistics Manager
LaVonne Sumler - College of Health Sciences

LaVonne Sumler

Grants Manager

Barry Bodt

Senior Biostatistician

Beth Finkle

Director, Employee Health & Wellbeing

Laura Gimbutas

Wellbeing Coordinator

Ryan Shuler

Associate Director, Employee Health & Wellbeing

Chelsea Finch

Fitness Coordinator

Nancy Koller

Administrative Assistant