health innovation fueled by curiosity

A five-year plan to inspire health leaders and improve lives

Our Mission and Vision


To impact and improve the lives of others by educating students in health and healthcare, advancing the science of health, and providing life-enhancing service to the community. 



We aspire to be a national model of excellence for exceptional educational programs, interdisciplinary research, community service, and professional development in health-related career paths. 

A Message from the Dean

Inspiring health leaders and improving lives are central concepts to the learning, exploration, and clinical care happening at the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences. Fueled by curiosity, our students, faculty, staff, and broad array of community partners are all passionately focused on collaborative efforts that will positively influence the next frontier in health innovation. This five-year plan is a testament to that collaboration. It was developed in partnership with both internal and external stakeholders and includes goals and strategies curated through their ideas, input and experiences. 


Together, we arranged these core goals and comprehensive strategies to best support the five key priorities of the College: academic excellence, research, community engagement, clinical care, and organizational values. This plan is also inspired by and in support of the University’s strategic plan, Forward and Forever.


It is a tremendous privilege and immense responsibility to educate and prepare the workforce of the future – and we do so through experiential and collaborative course offerings, impactful and pioneering research opportunities, and diverse clinical placements. Our programs are among the best in the nation, attracting expert faculty, talented, driven students, and ongoing partnerships, and funding opportunities that further enhance the learning experience and clinical care we offer to the local community. But this plan underscores that so many opportunities still exist to provide the best experience for those we educate, employ, and care for.


This strategic plan will serve as a living document to guide us along the way and, much like its development, execution of this plan will be a shared effort. We invite you to join us as we bring it to life over the next five years. 

All the best, 
Bill Farquhar

Key Priorities

Academic Excellence


Fortify our reputation as an innovative scholarly community for health and medical sciences education that prioritizes academic rigor and experiential learning



Foster a vibrant, engaged, and productive culture of research and innovation that translates discovery into improved health.

Community Engagement


Forge, sustain, and grow relationships to be a preferred partner and resource within Delaware and throughout the region

Clinical Care


Deliver exceptional clinical care to individuals and communities within Delaware and throughout the region

Organizational Values


Nurture an environment for operational excellence while maintaining a culture of inclusion and collaboration

Please download the Strategic Plan PDF to view the full strategic plan with goals, strategies, and more.