Opportunities for Research Participants

The research studies below are separated by topic. To view the studies under a topic, expand the section fully.

  1. Potassium Study – learn more
  2. Habitual Diet Study – learn more
  3. Vegetarian Study – learn more
  4. Peanut Study - learn more
  1. Validating Clinical Cut Points of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures for Individuals with Neurogenic Language Disorders – learn more
  2. Imaging the Motor System in Parkinson’s Disease – learn more 
  1. Mechanisms of human sensorimotor learning – learn more
  2. Online Motor Control in people with Parkinson’s – learn more
  1. Split-Belt Treadmill Walking Study – learn more
  1. Continued Activity During Rehabilitation of Patellar Tendinopathy – learn more
  2. Achilles Tendinopathy, Treatment with Exercise Comparing Men and Women – learn more
  1. Physical and Psychosocial Impact of Chronic Low Back Pain with Lower-Limb Loss – learn more
  2. Trunk Muscle Characteristics and their Association with Balance, Function, and Community Participation in Individuals with Lower-Limb Amputations – learn more
  1. Living with Arthrogryposis: Functional Evaluation (LIFE Study) – learn more
  2. Arthrogryposis Evaluation Across the Lifespan (AGE Study) – learn more
  1. Electroacupuncture for the treatment of chronic ankle instability – learn more
  1. Salt, Potassium, Salt Counseling – learn more
  2. Menopause Study – learn more
  1. A novel physical therapy administered activity intervention after TKR – learn more
  1. Walking in children with Cerebral Palsy – learn more