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Caring for the Community

UD Health’s comprehensive health clinics use research and education to take healthcare in a new direction. Major health and prevention services include: primary care, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health services, care coordination, nutrition counseling, exercise counseling, and health coaching — all on one STAR Campus.

The Health Sciences Complex is a hub of innovation. When you head down Translation Hallway, we translate research into clinical care where better health is not only the focus of our research, education and clinical care, but also a way of life. Our research labs were intentionally designed to be located across from our three public clinics, operating under the umbrella of UD Health – the Speech Language-Hearing Clinic, the Nurse Managed Primary Care Center and the Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic, handle over 30,000 visits a year from patients from the surrounding community and region.


We are here for our UD community during these unprecedented times. We are open for in-person visits in addition to telehealth for both existing AND new patients that need care.


The Nurse Managed Primary Care Center does not provide routine COVID testing and will not have vaccinations on-site*

State of Delaware Vaccination Information



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