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Research in the College of Health Sciences focuses on nearly every aspect of patient care, including prevention, rehabilitation, outcomes and health monitoring. With more than 120 faculty members across six departments as well as other programs, Health Sciences fosters collaboration on research programs that address cardiovascular health, neurological diseases, aging, symptom science and more. Collaboration is not limited to the College of Health Sciences – we work across the University and with external partners on research endeavors that are funded by multiple agencies and organizations, including the National Institutes of Health.

Our research labs also provide an opportunity for students to learn firsthand how research influences care. As we seek ways to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders, we also find more innovative ways to teach students and prepare them for their highly skilled careers. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy Delaware and develop best practices that advance healthcare across the nation and across the globe.

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Dedicated to conducting first-rate research that spans across a variety of research topics, our interdisciplinary labs engage faculty and students from across the university. There is unique research going on in each of our departments.


CHS News in Research
  • A research participant walks in a STAR Campus biomechanics lab

    National Biomechanics Day April 7

    April 15, 2021 | Written by Kelly Bothum
    National Biomechanics Day may have been virtual this year, but high school students still had the chance to see how research is an important part of biomechanics study that can lead to improvements in healthcare.
  • Allies in Overcoming Stroke

    April 12, 2021 | Written by Tracey Bryant
    Researchers use robotics to help stroke survivors recover
  • CNN: Women are leading the way on biology's frontier

    April 02, 2021 | Opinion by Brett Marie Sansbury and Natalia Rivera-Torres
    Brett Marie Sansbury, PhD, is the Leader of Discovery Research and Natalia Rivera-Torres, PhD, is Laboratory Operations Coordinator and a research scientist in the Gene Editing Institute at ChristianaCare's Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute. The opinions expressed here are their own.