Research That Drives Results

Research in the College of Health Sciences focuses on nearly every aspect of patient care, including prevention, rehabilitation, outcomes and health monitoring. With more than 120 faculty members across six departments as well as other programs, Health Sciences fosters collaboration on research programs that address cardiovascular health, neurological diseases, aging, symptom science and more. Collaboration is not limited to the College of Health Sciences – we work across the University and with external partners on research endeavors that are funded by multiple agencies and organizations, including the National Institutes of Health.

Our research labs also provide an opportunity for students to learn firsthand how research influences care. As we seek ways to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders, we also find more innovative ways to teach students and prepare them for their highly skilled careers. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy Delaware and develop best practices that advance healthcare across the nation and across the globe.


There are two current funding opportunities within the College of Health Sciences. 

  • The Maggie E. Neumann Health Sciences Research Fund
    submissions are due by 5 pm on May 17, 2024
The College of Health Sciences is doing a series of billboards focusing on the opportunities UD has to offer - Albtool Alturkestani (girl with hijab), Ngozi Dom-Chima (student with blue lab coat), Meera Patel (shoulder length hair, of Indian descent) and Jazzlyn  Jones (red hair) all participate in the photoshoot.



Dedicated to conducting first-rate research that spans across a variety of research topics, our interdisciplinary labs engage faculty and students from across the university. There is unique research going on in each of our departments.


CHS News in Research
  • People standing and talking surrounded by gym equipment at the YMCA.

    Fostering Community Engagement at the YMCA

    July 10, 2024 | Written by Tabitha Groh
    A new cooperative agreement between the University of Delaware’s Partnership for Healthy Communities (PHC) and the Western YMCA aims to expand opportunities for University researchers and students to connect with the local community.
  • UD on the world soccer stage

    June 13, 2024 | Written by Amy Cherry
    Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Professor Thomas Kaminski is serving as sole U.S. representative on FIFA Heading Expert Group.
  • May College of Health Sciences For the Record

    June 06, 2024 | Written by CHS Staff
    College of Health Science community reports appointments, exhibitions, publications, and honors for May.