The STAR Campus is located on the former Chrysler site, which was an integral part of the surrounding community and we strive to build upon that legacy.

Teachers of the Newark School District
Teachers of the Newark School District - 1953

Taken at the Chrysler Plant during the production of tanks for the Korean war... from the photo album of Walter Matt, 8th Grade Science Teacher & Football Coach, and Dean Matt's Father!
Gene Tupin looking at history wall in STAR tower
“Since 1953, I have seen many changes to the plant to improve tanks, cars and trucks. Now I see changes to improve the lives of all.”

- Parker E. “Gene” Tupin, UD alumnus | Chrysler Employee | UD Health Patient



Celebrating UD STAR Tower with Topping Off Ceremony: youtube.com/watch?v=_nJes-vj6NA

College of Health Sciences Gala 2017: The Sky's the Limit: youtube.com/watch?v=5YbbYJQ5Yhc