Strategic Plan

University of Delaware Strategic Plan

The University of Delaware’s institutional strategic plan is a living document, developed with input from the entire UD community of faculty, staff and students. The current version reflects the University’s vision for the future and the five key priorities that guide the University’s work. As the University and the world emerge from the recent pandemic, a comprehensive planning process is being conducted in spring 2021 to update the plan and chart the University’s path forward.


Strategic Planning Committees

University of Delaware President Dennis Assanis appointed a steering committee and five sub-committees to revisit and refresh UD’s strategic plan in light of the challenges and opportunities ahead as the University emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The sub-committees are composed of faculty, staff and students, and they are organized around the five strategic pillars established in 2016 to guide the University’s work. Each sub-committee is tasked with setting short-, mid- and long-term goals for their area, developing action items to accomplish the goals, and defining the metrics of success for those actions. A draft of the refreshed strategic plan will be available for review and input in summer 2021.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

  • Dennis Assanis, President (Chair)

  • Robin Morgan, Provost

  • John Long, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Charlie Riordan, Vice President, Research, Scholarship and Innovation

  • Mary Remmler, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Analysis

  • Beth Brand, Vice President and University Secretary

  • Chris Williams, Professor, Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, Chair of University of Delaware Sustainability Council

  • Debra Hess Norris, Trustee, Unidel Henry Francis du Pont Chair of Art Conservation

  • Rodney Morrison, Vice President, Enrollment Management

  • Levi Thompson, Dean, College of Engineering

  • Mia Carbone, President, Student Government Association

  • Samantha Bingaman, President, Graduate Student Government

  • Glenn Carter, Vice President, Communications and Marketing

  • John Pelesko, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

  • José-Luis Riera, Vice President, Student Life

  • Fatimah Conley, Interim Chief Diversity Officer

  • Michael Vaughan, Interim Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Lou Rossi, Dean, Graduate College

  • Bahira Trask, Chair, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Carlos Asarta, Professor, Economics, and James B. O’Neill Director of Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship

  • Kim Isett, Associate Dean of Research, Biden School of Public Policy and Administration

  • Sharon Pitt, Vice President, Information Technologies

  • Norman Wagner, Unidel Robert L. Pigford Chair in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Five community forums have been scheduled for May to share the work of the University of Delaware’s strategic planning committees and gather feedback regarding the future of UD. Each forum will feature a presentation of the committee’s key findings, followed by a question-and-answer period. Questions should be submitted ahead of each using the links to the forms below, but live questions may be answered if time allows.


Prioritizing and Expanding Student Success in the Post-Pandemic Era

Co-chaired by John Pelesko, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and José-Luis Riera, vice president of the Office of Student Life. 


Watch a video of the May 11 forum


SUBMIT Feedback to the STUDENT SUCCESS committee


Committee members

Student success sub-committees:


Student Pipeline





  • Rodney Morrison (Lead),
    VP for Enrollment Management
  • Lynn Okagaki (Lead),
    Deputy Provost
  • Heather Kovanic (Lead), Director, Student Orientation & Transition Programs
  • Mike Chalmers, Senior Director Leadership Communications, OCM
  • Kasiyah Tatem,
    undergraduate student
  • Karen Freed, Associate Athletic Director, Recreation Services
  • Joe Trainor, Professor,
    Biden School
  • Dawn Berk, Associate Professor , Mathematical Sciences
  • Trevor Dawes, Vice Provost, Libraries/Museums
  • LaRuth McAfee, Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate & Professional Education
  • Art Trembanis, Professor, 
    School of Marine Science & Policy
  • Stephanie Chang, Director, Student Diversity & Inclusion
  • Donna Woulfe, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Kim Yackoski, Senior Assistant Dean, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Lucas Attia,
    undergraduate student








Post-grad success

  • Iain Crawford (Lead),
    Director, Undergrad Research
  • Nathan Elton (Lead), Director, Career Center
  • David Satran, Director, Associate in Arts Program
  • Brenda Shaffer, instructor, Fashion & Apparel Studies
  • Jenni Buckley, Associate Prof., Mechanical Engineering
  • Carol Wong, Associate Professor, Education 
  • Catherine Stoner, Assistant Dean, Health Sciences
  • Elias Kourpas, Assistant Professor, Lerner 
  • Michael Chajes,
    Dean, Honors
  • Siena Ferrick, undergraduate student
  • Haritha Malladi, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering


  • Ioannis Chremos, Doctoral student, Engineering 
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Building a Social Justice Foundation to Support a Diverse, Inclusive and Intercultural Campus

Co-chaired by Fatimah Conley, interim chief diversity officer, and Michael Vaughan, interim vice provost for diversity and inclusion. 


Watch a video of the May 12 forum


Submit feedback to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Committee members

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion sub-committees:


Student Recruitment/


Faculty and Staff



  • Latoya Watson (Lead), Assistant Dean, Associate in Arts Program 
  • Lori Koval (Lead), Associate Director,
    Talent Acquisition 
  • Christy Mannering (Lead), Digital Specialist, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Adam Cantley,
    Dean of Students
  • Gary Henry, Dean,
    Education & Human Development
  • Pat Ogden, Associate Vice President
    & Chief of Police
  • George Class-Peters,
    undergraduate student  
  • Emerald Christopher-Byrd, Assistant Professor, Woman & Gender Studies
  • Marissa McClenton,
    undergraduate student
  • Lynn Sydnor-Epps, Senior Associate Director, Career Center  
  • Stephanie Del Tufo, Assistant Professor, Education
  • Beth Mineo, Director,
    Center for Disabilities Studies 
  • Regina Wright, Associate Dean, Health Sciences
  • Lindsay Naylor, Assistant Professor, Geography & Spatial Sciences 


Non-traditional Social/Racial Justice Curriculum/Anti-Racism


and Engagement

  • Rachel Garcia (Lead), Assistant Director, Student Diversity
  • Lynnette Overby (Lead), Professor, Theatre 
  • Yasser Payne, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Cathy McLaughlin, Executive Director, Biden Institute
  • McKay Jenkins,
    Professor, English 
  • Kate Long, Assistant Vice President, Development 
  • Rachel Davidson, Associate Dean, Engineering
  • Donna Schwartz, Clerk, Student Centers
  • Wendy Smith, Professor, Business Administration
  • Peter Bothum, Media Relations Manager, OCM
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Expanding Interdisciplinary and Global Opportunities


Co-chaired by Lou Rossi, dean of the Graduate College, and Bahira Trask, chair of the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences.


Watch a video of the May 13 forum


Submit feedback to the interdisciplinary/global committee


Committee members

Committee members:

  • Saleem Ali, Professor, Geography
    & Spatial Sciences
  • Heiddy DiGregorio,
    Assistant Professor, Nursing 
  • Lashanda Korley,
    Professor, Materials Science
  • Ravi Ammigan, Associate Deputy Provost, International Programs
  •  Logan Gerber-Chavez,
    graduate student
  • Sheng Lu, Associate Professor, Fashion & Apparel Studies
  • Gonzalo Arce, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Oyku Girmen,
    undergraduate student
  • Stacey Muzzi, Assistant Vice President, Development & Alumni Relations
  • Maria Aristigueta, Dean,
    Biden School 
  • Jennifer Gregan, Senior Assistant Dean, Lerner Business & Economics
  • Katy O'Connell, Senior Director, Office of Communications & Marketing
  • Estella Atekwana, Dean, College of Earth, Ocean & Environment 
  • Amy Hagstrom,
    Professor, Nursing
  • Thomas Powers, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Alice Ba, Professor, Political Science & International Relations
  • George Irvine, Associate Vice Provost, Professional & Continuing Studies 
  • Georgina Ramsay, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Wendy Bellion, Professor,
    Art History
  • Kyle Jenkins,
    undergraduate students
  • Scott Stevens, Director,
    English Language Institute
  • Kim Bothi, Executive Director, CRiSP, Materials Science
  • Kathleen Kerr, Associate Vice President,
    Student Life
  • Milli Sullivan, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Bintong Chen, Professor, Business Administration
  • Jenn Volk, Associate
    Director of Cooperative Extension 
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Redefining Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Co-chaired by Carlos Asarta, professor of economics, and Kim Isett, associate dean of research in the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration. 


Watch a video of the May 6 forum




Committee members

Committee members:

  • Ryan Arsenault, Assistant Professor,
    Animal Science
  • Catherine Grimes, Professor, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Ashley Pigford, Associate Professor,
    Art & Design
  • Anish Adhikari,
    graduate student
  • Michael (Sean) Holly,
    undergraduate student
  • Bill Provine, Administrative Supervisor, Research Office
  • Amy Bleakley,
    Professor, Communication
  • Fouad Kiamilev, Professor, Electrical & computer Engineering
  • Stephanie Raible, Assistant Professor, Human Development & Family Science 
  • Tracey Bryant, Senior Director Research Communications, OCM
  • Katya Roelse,
    undergraduate student
  • Abhigna Rao,
    undergraduate student
  • Matthew Cooper,
    undergraduate student
  • Dan Freeman, Director,
    Venture Development Center
  • Teomara Rutherford,Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences
  • Rachel Coppola, Senior Associate Director, Career Center
  • Sheryl Kline,
    Deputy Dean, Lerner Business & Economics
  • Tracy Shickel,
    Director, Economic Development
  • Tobin Driscoll, Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  • Julius Korley, Director, Entrepreneurship,
  • Levi Thompson,
    Dean, Engineering
  • Cole Galloway, Professor, Physical Therapy and Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Kelvin Lee,
    Director, NIMBL
  • Eric Wommack, Deputy Dean, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Jason Gleghorn, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Kathy Matt,
    Dean, Health Sciences
  • Yushan Yan, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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Reimagining Intellectual and Physical Capital for a Sustainable and Boundless Campus


Co-chaired by Sharon Pitt, vice president of Information Technologies, and Norman Wagner, Unidel Robert L. Pigford Chair in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. 


Watch a video of the May 10 forum


Submit feedback to the Intellectual and Physical Capital Commitee


Committee members

Intellectual and Physical Capital sub-committees:


 Intellectual Capital


Technology/Physical Capital


Operational/Financial Capital

  • Kali Kniel (Lead), Professor,
    Animal and Food Sciences
  • Jim Tweedy (Lead),
    Director, Residence Life & Housing
  • Bruce Weber (Lead), Dean, Lerner Business & Economics
  • Jared Aupperle, Interim Vice President, Human Resources 
  • Karen Aniunas,
    Associate Provost/Chief of Staff
  • Paige Aldred,
    undergraduate student
  • Mary Dozier, Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • John Cohill,
    undergraduate student
  • John Brennan,
    Assistant Vice President, OCM
  • Laure Ergin, Vice President
    & General Counsel
  • Tony Doody, Director,
    University Student Centers
  • Jim Dicker, Vice President,  Development & Alumni Relations
  • Matt Kinservik,
    Vice Provost
  • Rachel Karchmer-Klein, Associate Professor, Education
  • Rita Landgraf, Director,
    Partnership for Health Communities
  • Salil Lachke, Professor,
    Biological Sciences
  • Peter Krawchyk, Vice President, Facilities, Real Estate, Auxiliary Services
  • Greg Oler,
    Vice President, Finance
  • Dave Redlawsk, Professor, Political Science & International Relations
  • Michael Michaud,
    PhD student
  • Dan Smith, Associate Professor,
    Biden School
  • Lynn Roberts,
    undergraduate student
  • Jordan Skolnick,
    Deputy Athletics Director
  • Nick Russell,
    graduate student
  • Mike Smith, Director, Strategic Intiatives, Health Sciences 
  • Dustin Sleesman, Associate Professor, Business Management 
  • Seth Turner, Director, College Computing Operations, Engineering 


Sustainability Capital

  • Michael Chajes (Lead), Dean, Honors College
  • Cara Clase, Research Assistant
  • Juan Viera, College Facilities Planning Director
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