Strategic Plan

Forward and Forever: The Strategic Plan for The University of Delaware

The University of Delaware Board of Trustees approved a refreshed institutional strategic plan on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. The current plan represents a year-long process of discussion and planning that involved Trustees, senior leaders and working groups comprised of more than 150 faculty, staff and students from throughout the University, as well as a series of public forums in 2021.


Strategic Planning Committees

The Forward and Forever strategic plan is the work of a steering committee and five working groups.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

  • Dennis Assanis, President (Chair)

  • Robin Morgan, Provost

  • John Long, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Charlie Riordan, Vice President, Research, Scholarship and Innovation

  • Mary Remmler, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Analysis

  • Beth Brand, Vice President and University Secretary

  • Chris Williams, Professor, Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, Chair of University of Delaware Sustainability Council

  • Debra Hess Norris, Trustee, Unidel Henry Francis du Pont Chair of Art Conservation

  • Rodney Morrison, Vice President, Enrollment Management

  • Levi Thompson, Dean, College of Engineering

  • Mia Carbone, President, Student Government Association, 2020-21

  • Samantha Bingaman, President, Graduate Student Government, 2020-21

  • Glenn Carter, Vice President, Communications and Marketing

  • John Pelesko, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

  • José-Luis Riera, Vice President, Student Life

  • Fatimah Conley, Vice President of Equity and Chief Diversity Officer

  • Michael Vaughan, Vice Provost for Equity

  • Lou Rossi, Dean, Graduate College

  • Bahira Trask, Chair, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Carlos Asarta, Professor, Economics, and James B. O’Neill Director of Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship

  • Kim Isett, Associate Dean of Research, Biden School of Public Policy and Administration

  • Sharon Pitt, Vice President, Information Technologies

  • Norman Wagner, Unidel Robert L. Pigford Chair in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Expanding Student Access and Success

Co-chaired by John Pelesko, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and José-Luis Riera, vice president of the Office of Student Life. 


Watch a video of the May 11 forum



Committee members

Student success sub-committees:


Student Pipeline





  • Rodney Morrison (Lead),
    VP for Enrollment Management
  • Lynn Okagaki (Lead),
    Deputy Provost
  • Heather Kovanic (Lead), Director, Student Orientation & Transition Programs
  • Mike Chalmers, Senior Director Leadership Communications, OCM
  • Kasiyah Tatem,
    undergraduate student
  • Karen Freed, Associate Athletic Director, Recreation Services
  • Joe Trainor, Professor,
    Biden School
  • Dawn Berk, Associate Professor , Mathematical Sciences
  • Trevor Dawes, Vice Provost, Libraries/Museums
  • LaRuth McAfee, Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate & Professional Education
  • Art Trembanis, Professor, 
    School of Marine Science & Policy
  • Stephanie Chang, Director, Student Diversity & Inclusion
  • Donna Woulfe, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Kim Yackoski, Senior Assistant Dean, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Lucas Attia,
    undergraduate student








Post-grad success

  • Iain Crawford (Lead),
    Director, Undergrad Research
  • Nathan Elton (Lead), Director, Career Center
  • David Satran, Director, Associate in Arts Program
  • Brenda Shaffer, instructor, Fashion & Apparel Studies
  • Jenni Buckley, Associate Prof., Mechanical Engineering
  • Carol Wong, Associate Professor, Education 
  • Catherine Stoner, Assistant Dean, Health Sciences
  • Elias Kourpas, Assistant Professor, Lerner 
  • Michael Chajes,
    Dean, Honors
  • Siena Ferrick, undergraduate student
  • Haritha Malladi, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering


  • Ioannis Chremos, Doctoral student, Engineering 
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Building a Social Justice Foundation to Support a Diverse, Inclusive and Intercultural Campus

Co-chaired by Fatimah Conley, Vice President of Equity and Chief Diversity Officer, and Michael Vaughan, Vice Provost for Equity. 


Watch a video of the May 12 forum


Committee members

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion sub-committees:


Student Recruitment/


Faculty and Staff



  • Latoya Watson (Lead), Assistant Dean, Associate in Arts Program 
  • Lori Koval (Lead), Associate Director,
    Talent Acquisition 
  • Christy Mannering (Lead), Digital Specialist, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Adam Cantley,
    Dean of Students
  • Gary Henry, Dean,
    Education & Human Development
  • Pat Ogden, Associate Vice President
    & Chief of Police
  • George Class-Peters,
    undergraduate student  
  • Emerald Christopher-Byrd, Assistant Professor, Woman & Gender Studies
  • Marissa McClenton,
    undergraduate student
  • Lynn Sydnor-Epps, Senior Associate Director, Career Center  
  • Stephanie Del Tufo, Assistant Professor, Education
  • Beth Mineo, Director,
    Center for Disabilities Studies 
  • Regina Wright, Associate Dean, Health Sciences
  • Lindsay Naylor, Assistant Professor, Geography & Spatial Sciences 


Non-traditional Social/Racial Justice Curriculum/Anti-Racism


and Engagement

  • Rachel Garcia (Lead), Assistant Director, Student Diversity
  • Lynnette Overby (Lead), Professor, Theatre 
  • Yasser Payne, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Cathy McLaughlin, Executive Director, Biden Institute
  • McKay Jenkins,
    Professor, English 
  • Kate Long, Assistant Vice President, Development 
  • Rachel Davidson, Associate Dean, Engineering
  • Donna Schwartz, Clerk, Student Centers
  • Wendy Smith, Professor, Business Administration
  • Peter Bothum, Media Relations Manager, OCM
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Expanding Interdisciplinary and Global Opportunities


Co-chaired by Lou Rossi, dean of the Graduate College, and Bahira Trask, chair of the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences.


Watch a video of the May 13 forum


Committee members

Committee members:

  • Saleem Ali, Professor, Geography
    & Spatial Sciences
  • Heiddy DiGregorio,
    Assistant Professor, Nursing 
  • Lashanda Korley,
    Professor, Materials Science
  • Ravi Ammigan, Associate Deputy Provost, International Programs
  •  Logan Gerber-Chavez,
    graduate student
  • Sheng Lu, Associate Professor, Fashion & Apparel Studies
  • Gonzalo Arce, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Oyku Girmen,
    undergraduate student
  • Stacey Muzzi, Assistant Vice President, Development & Alumni Relations
  • Maria Aristigueta, Dean,
    Biden School 
  • Jennifer Gregan, Senior Assistant Dean, Lerner Business & Economics
  • Katy O'Connell, Senior Director, Office of Communications & Marketing
  • Estella Atekwana, Dean, College of Earth, Ocean & Environment 
  • Amy Hagstrom,
    Professor, Nursing
  • Thomas Powers, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Alice Ba, Professor, Political Science & International Relations
  • George Irvine, Associate Vice Provost, Professional & Continuing Studies 
  • Georgina Ramsay, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Wendy Bellion, Professor,
    Art History
  • Kyle Jenkins,
    undergraduate students
  • Scott Stevens, Director,
    English Language Institute
  • Kim Bothi, Executive Director, CRiSP, Materials Science
  • Kathleen Kerr, Associate Vice President,
    Student Life
  • Milli Sullivan, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Bintong Chen, Professor, Business Administration
  • Jenn Volk, Associate
    Director of Cooperative Extension 
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Redefining Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Co-chaired by Carlos Asarta, professor of economics, and Kim Isett, associate dean of research in the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration. 


Watch a video of the May 6 forum


Committee members

Committee members:

  • Ryan Arsenault, Assistant Professor,
    Animal Science
  • Catherine Grimes, Professor, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Ashley Pigford, Associate Professor,
    Art & Design
  • Anish Adhikari,
    graduate student
  • Michael (Sean) Holly,
    undergraduate student
  • Bill Provine, Administrative Supervisor, Research Office
  • Amy Bleakley,
    Professor, Communication
  • Fouad Kiamilev, Professor, Electrical & computer Engineering
  • Stephanie Raible, Assistant Professor, Human Development & Family Science 
  • Tracey Bryant, Senior Director Research Communications, OCM
  • Katya Roelse, Instructor, Fashion & Apparel Studies
  • Abhigna Rao,
    undergraduate student
  • Matthew Cooper,
    undergraduate student
  • Dan Freeman, Director,
    Venture Development Center
  • Teomara Rutherford,Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences
  • Rachel Coppola, Senior Associate Director, Career Center
  • Sheryl Kline,
    Deputy Dean, Lerner Business & Economics
  • Tracy Shickel,
    Director, Economic Development
  • Tobin Driscoll, Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  • Julius Korley, Director, Entrepreneurship,
  • Levi Thompson,
    Dean, Engineering
  • Cole Galloway, Professor, Physical Therapy and Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Kelvin Lee,
    Director, NIMBL
  • Eric Wommack, Deputy Dean, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Jason Gleghorn, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Kathy Matt,
    Dean, Health Sciences
  • Yushan Yan, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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Reimagining Intellectual and Physical Capital for a Sustainable and Boundless Campus


Co-chaired by Sharon Pitt, vice president of Information Technologies, and Norman Wagner, Unidel Robert L. Pigford Chair in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. 


Watch a video of the May 10 forum


Committee members

Intellectual and Physical Capital sub-committees:


 Intellectual Capital


Technology/Physical Capital


Operational/Financial Capital

  • Kali Kniel (Lead), Professor,
    Animal and Food Sciences
  • Jim Tweedy (Lead),
    Director, Residence Life & Housing
  • Bruce Weber (Lead), Dean, Lerner Business & Economics
  • Jared Aupperle, Interim Vice President, Human Resources 
  • Karen Aniunas,
    Associate Provost/Chief of Staff
  • Paige Aldred,
    undergraduate student
  • Mary Dozier, Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • John Cohill,
    undergraduate student
  • John Brennan,
    Assistant Vice President, OCM
  • Laure Ergin, Vice President
    & General Counsel
  • Tony Doody, Director,
    University Student Centers
  • Jim Dicker, Vice President,  Development & Alumni Relations
  • Matt Kinservik,
    Vice Provost
  • Rachel Karchmer-Klein, Associate Professor, Education
  • Rita Landgraf, Director,
    Partnership for Health Communities
  • Salil Lachke, Professor,
    Biological Sciences
  • Peter Krawchyk, Vice President, Facilities, Real Estate, Auxiliary Services
  • Greg Oler,
    Vice President, Finance
  • Dave Redlawsk, Professor, Political Science & International Relations
  • Michael Michaud,
    PhD student
  • Dan Smith, Associate Professor,
    Biden School
  • Lynn Roberts,
    undergraduate student
  • Jordan Skolnick,
    Deputy Athletics Director
  • Nick Russell,
    graduate student
  • Mike Smith, Director, Strategic Intiatives, Health Sciences 
  • Dustin Sleesman, Associate Professor, Business Management 
  • Seth Turner, Director, College Computing Operations, Engineering 


Sustainability Capital

  • Michael Chajes (Lead), Dean, Honors College
  • Cara Clase, Research Assistant
  • Juan Viera, College Facilities Planning Director
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