charles buz swanik

Charles Buz Swanik

Deputy Dean, College of Health Sciences

Office Location:
716 Tower at STAR

Research Interests

  • What are the Neuromechanics that make people injury prone?
  • Neurocognitive factors of unintentional injuries
  • Sensorimotor aspects of musculoskeletal pathology after concussions
  • ACL tears, Unstable shoulders, Ankle sprains, Concussions, Hamstring Strains, Osteoarthritis


  • Ph.D., Sports Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, 1998
  • M.S., Athletic Training, University of Pittsburgh, 1995
  • B.S., Athletic Training, Pennsylvania State University

Professional Experience

  • 2016-Present:  Full Professor, University of Delaware, College of Health Science, Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
  • 2010-2015:  Director, Biomechanics and Movement Science Program Interdisciplinary Graduate Program: (BIOMS), Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences
  • 2013-2017:  Chair: Faculty Senate Graduate Studies Committee

Recent Publications/Presentations

  • The relationship between the sensory responses to ankle-joint loading and corticomotor excitability AR Needle, J Baumeister, WB Farquhar, JL Greaney, JS Higginson, International Journal of Neuroscience 128 (5), 435-441
  • Altered Cortical Activation Patterns Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction During Joint Loading YW An, ADT Lobacz, T Lehmann, J Baumeister, CB Swanik Journal of Athletic Training 52 (6), S136
  • Sensory Disconnect and Force Control Deficits Following Hamstring Strain Injuries ADT Lobacz, YW An, S Jaric, KG Silbernagel, CB Swanik Journal of Athletic Training 52 (6), S227
  • The relationship between joint stiffness and muscle activity in unstable ankles and copers AR Needle, TW Kaminski, J Baumeister, JS Higginson, WB Farquhar, Journal of Sport Rehabilitation 26 (1), 15-25
  • A sex comparison of reactive knee stiffness regulation strategies under cognitive loads AS Kim, AR Needle, SJ Thomas, CI Higginson, TW Kaminski, CB Swanik Clinical biomechanics 35, 86-92
  • Brains and sprains: the brain’s role in noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injuries CB Swanik, Journal of athletic training 50 (10), 1100-1102
  • The Relationship Between Joint Stiffness and Muscle Activity Differs in Unstable Ankles and Copers. AR Needle, TW Kaminski, J Baumeister, JS Higginson, WB Farquhar, Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
  • An acoustic startle alters knee joint stiffness and neuromuscular control. AI DeAngelis, AR Needle, TW Kaminski, TR Royer, CA Knight, CB Swanik Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 25 (4), 509-516
  • Adaptations of the shoulder to overhead throwing in youth athletes MM Astolfi, AH Struminger, TD Royer, TW Kaminski, CB Swanik Journal of Athletic Training 50 (7), 726-732
  • Neuromechanical coupling in the regulation of muscle tone and joint stiffness. AR Needle, J Baumeister, TW Kaminski, JS Higginson, WB Farquhar, Scandinavian Journal of medicine & science in sports 24 (5), 737-748
  • The relationship between neurocognitive function and noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injuries CB Swanik, T Covassin, DJ Stearne, P Schatz. The American Journal of Sports Medicine 35 (6), 943-948


  • KAAP 220, Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • KAAP 305, Fundamentals of Sports Health Care
  • KAAP 400, Research Methods & Experimental Design
  • KAAP 449, Advanced Topics in Sports Medicine
  • KAAP 604, Sensorimotor Aspects of Injury
  • KAAP 605, Pathoetiology of Injuries

Honors & Awards

  • Fellow (2012) National Athletic Training Association’s Research & Education Foundation
  • Distinguished Alumni Award  (2010) University of Pittsburgh, School of Health And Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition.
  • First Place, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy Section Scientific Exhibit. (February 2005) Swanik CB, Swanik KA, Huxel KC, Tierney RT, Hamstra KL, Hillstrom, HJ. Drop Jumps from an Unknown Height: A Gender Comparison of EMG And Kinematics
  • Outstanding Research Manuscript (1999) National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Swanik, C.B., Lephart, S.M., Giraldo, J.L., DeMont, R.G., & Fu, F.H. Reactive muscle firing of ACL-D, ACL-R, and normal females during dynamic activities. Journal of Athletic Training, 34(2), 121-129.