Department Directory


Below you will find information about how to contact our department faculty members and staff. Each faculty member has a link to a profile page with more information. 

Department leadership 

John J. Jeka headshot

John J. Jeka

Chair, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology

Department Faculty Members 

Elisa A. Arch headshot

Elisa A. Arch

Assistant Professor
Jeremy Crenshaw headshot

Jeremy Crenshaw

Associate Professor

William B. Farquhar

Dean, College of Health Sciences
Jocelyn Hafer headshot

Jocelyn Hafer

Assistant Professor
Shannon L. Lennon headshot

Shannon L. Lennon

Hendrik Reimann headshot

Hendrik Reimann

Assistant Professor
Jeffrey A. Shneider headshot

Jeffrey A. Schneider

Senior Instructor
charles buz swanik headshot

charles buz swanik

Deputy Dean, College of Health Sciences
Bethany Wisthoff headshot

Bethany Wisthoff

Director of Athletic Training Education
Assistant Professor
Thomas Buckley headshot

Thomas Buckley

Associate Professor
David G. Edwards headshot

David G. Edwards

Nancy Getchell headshot

Nancy Getchell

Thomas W. Kaminski headshot

Thomas W. Kaminski

Christopher R. Martens headshot

Christopher R. Martens

Assistant Professor
Director, Delaware Center for Cognitive Aging Research
Saskia Richter headshot

Saskia Richter

Assistant Professor
Guy J. Scotolati headshot

Guy J. Scotolati

Megan Wenner headshot

Megan Wenner

Associate Professor
Melissa Witman headshot

Melissa Witman

Assistant Professor
Roxana G. Burciu headshot

Roxana G. Burciu

Assistant Professor
Ibra S. Fancher headshot

Ibra S. Fancher

Assistant Professor
Eric Greska headshot

Eric Greska

Associate Professor
Christopher A. Knight headshot

Christopher A. Knight

Associate Professor

Kathleen S. Matt

Brittany S. Overstreet headshot

Brittany S. Overstreet

Assistant Professor
Todd D. Royer headshot

Todd D. Royer

Associate Professor
Jennifer Semrau headshot

Jennifer Semrau

Assistant Professor
Sheara Williamson headshot

Sheara Williamson

Assistant Professor
Name Title Email Phone Location
Stephanie Holmes Business Administrator 302-831-8006 201AA Health Sciences Complex
Nancy Wick Administrative Assistant III 302-831-3134 201W Health Sciences Complex
Kristin Zumar Administrative Assistant III 302-831-2937 201S Health Sciences Complex
Name Title Email Phone Location
Jill Cluff Academic Advisor 302-831-2751 146 Fred Rust Ice Arena
Christin Taggart Undergraduate Academic Advisor 302-831-6036 227 Tower at STAR