Study Abroad Assessment

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Study Abroad Program Assessment

The study abroad programs administered through the Center for Global Programs & Services (CGPS) directly support the University's General Education Initiative for undergraduate education to produce “engaged citizens, involved in the world around them, and who understand the major challenges and debates of the day."

CGPS has also developed more specific, globally-focused learning outcomes for study abroad programs and works with its staff, faculty directors and partner institutions to facilitate these. In order to measure their growth in these outcome areas, UD study abroad students are required to complete a pre- and post-program assessment instrument, the Global Engagement Measurement Scale (GEMS). Completion of the assessment instrument, with its embedded reflection component, demonstrates a student's fulfillment of UD's Discovery Learning Experience requirement, which is evidenced on the transcript via the 0-credit UNIV 37X pass/fail course

About GEMS 

GEMS was created by a team of UD researchers in 2013 to better measure students’ acquisition of key intercultural competencies as participants in travel study programs. GEMS was designed as a pre- and post-program instrument to gauge students’ progress in several areas: cultural engagement, ethnorelativism, tolerance for ambiguity, knowledge of host site, diversity acceptance and resilience. Further details on the development of this measure can be found in this Frontiers article


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