iBuddy Mentoring program

CGPS knows that good advice from friends and support from peers during a transition makes a big difference. The iBuddy program pairs incoming international students with trained and experienced UD student mentors who connect them with the knowledge and resources to navigate life in the U.S. and at UD.

iBuddy Mentees

Frequently Asked Questions

Any incoming international student who wants help transitioning to UD and the U.S. will benefit from having a mentor. We currently only have mentors available for students starting in the fall semester. However, students who begin at UD during other terms can reach out to the iBuddy program to see if a mentor is available and to ask questions. Contact us at ibuddymentor@udel.edu.

As an iBuddy Mentee you will: 

  • Have someone to communicate with about your pre-arrival preparations.

  • Have someone to check in with once you're on campus and settling into life in the U.S. -or- if you are not coming to campus, a fellow student to help you feel connected.

  • Feel supported and confident about your options.

  • Attend fun events.

  • Meet other new international students like you!

For students joining UD this fall, apply to have an iBuddy mentor now! Apply for a mentor

If you have questions, email ibuddymentor@udel.edu.

iBuddy Mentors

We are always looking for current students, international and domestic, to serve as mentors to the incoming class of international Blue Hens! We need your help to make them feel welcome and included in our community. Mentors receive training and support from CGPS and the iBuddy council.


Learn why UD students volunteer as iBuddy Mentors to new international students

iBuddy Mentoring Program recruitment video: https://capture.udel.edu/media/1_itw208y4/

The ideal mentor should be sensitive to the needs of the international population, with a willingness to assist students in their transition to their new academic, cultural and social settings. iBuddy mentors must also demonstrate compassion across cultures when connecting and networking with mentees during their adjustment to life in the U.S. Applicants must be in good academic standing (3.0 or above) and demonstrate effective communication skills and intercultural awareness.

As an iBuddy Mentor, you will: 

  • Establish email communication with the assigned mentees prior to the start of the semester. Address any questions about campus life and provide general support prior their arrival to the U.S.

  • Assist during the International Student Orientation week. Encourage new students to participate in all orientation week activities. Co-lead campus tours and connect students with other campus resources and programs.

  • Provide year-long peer mentoring (from August – April), stay connected with mentees and send weekly updates on upcoming events and activities.

In addition, mentors will have leadership opportunities while part of the iBuddy team. Mentors will be invited by the Council to join event committees designed to focus on the quality of a specific event or program. Mentors can elect to join planning teams to help with orientation, the welcome meetup, fall picnic or add a new idea to help all iBuddy mentors and mentees. 

As an iBuddy Mentor, you will: 

  • Improve your cross cultural communications skills.

  • Become a cultural ambassador to new international students.

  • Build a global network of friends.

  • Attend trainings on leadership and intercultural communication.

  • Build your resume and receive public recognition for your service.

  • Gain references for your future job opportunities.

  • Exemplary iBuddy mentors will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the International Student Advisory Committee (ISAC).

The application for 2024-25 iBuddy mentors is now closed.

For questions, please contact ibuddymentor@udel.edu.

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