Non-UD Study Abroad Programs

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A Note About COVID-19

Even as our university, our state and our nation carefully reopen, safe worldwide travel has not yet become feasible, and international cross-border mobility remains limited. While the U.S. State Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have somewhat eased their global travel advisories, country-level restrictions continue to evolve and international cross-border mobility remains very limited.

Students who choose to pursue non-UD sponsored study abroad programs should follow COVID-19 recommendations and use resources provided by their host institution and/or program provider.

For updates on the University's response to COVID-19, please visit the UD website.

Non-UD Study Abroad Programs 

If, after investigating the 100+ programs that UD offers, you don’t find what you're looking for, you may have to search outside the University of Delaware.

Narrow down your search by desired location and term (Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer or a Full Academic Year). Then, look closely at the details of each program you find and decide which one best meets your needs.  

Before selecting a program, you should first meet with your UD academic advisor to ensure that the courses you plan to take abroad will help you progress toward your degree.

In addition to course offerings, also consider safety, cost, support services, housing options, instructional language and the availability of internship or service learning placements. When possible, learn about the program from a fellow student’s perspective. We recommend contacting the program provider to ask if they can refer you to former participants. 


Once you and your advisor have agreed on a study abroad program that works for you, you’ll want to be sure that the courses you plan to take abroad will transfer back to UD and fulfill degree requirements. 

Review the complete process for transferring credit from international institutions with the University Registrar’s Office. 

Please note that this multi-step process can take several weeks and should be completed well before you make a final commitment to the non-UD program. 

If you plan on being away from UD for a semester or more, you must request an academic leave of absence through your College's Assistant Dean.

If you plan to study outside the University of Delaware for a full semester (Leave of Absence) you will not be eligible for institutional aid during the leave. Make an appointment with Student Financial Services to discuss your plans and the potential impact on your current and future aid, including scholarships and loans. 

Your study abroad provider and/or visa application process may require additional UD signatures, approvals or information. If you need: 

If you want to live on campus when you return, make arrangements with Residence Life & Housing before you leave. If you are living on campus during the Fall and plan to study abroad in the Spring, request to be released from your year-long housing contract as soon as you have committed to your study abroad program.

Take note of the date that course registration opens for your next UD semester. You’ll likely need to complete the online registration for your courses from abroad. 

When studying abroad on a non-UD program, your UD email may be suspended. In order to continue receiving email sent to your UD account, you have 2 options: 

  • Email to explain that you will be on a leave of absence for non-UD study abroad. Request access to your UD email during this time; or 

  • Forward your UD email to another address using the UD Network page

At the end of your non-UD program, request that the study abroad provider send an original, official transcript to the UD Registrar’s Office. Note that the grades you earn abroad will appear on your unofficial transcript, but will not become part of your UD GPA. The credits, if approved, will count toward your UD degree. You must earn at least a grade equivalent to a C at UD (not C-) in order for the course credits to transfer to UD.


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