World Scholar Freshman Sites

A view from above the Roman Forum

UD World Scholar Freshman Sites

UD World Scholar Program sites represent partner institutions in which World Scholars complete their semester abroad as freshmen. For their junior semester abroad, Scholars have the freedom and flexibility to return to their freshman site, or to select another destination that best meets their academic and professional goals.

Current Sites

American College of Greece | Athens, Greece

Launch Date: Fall 2019

John Cabot University | Rome, Italy

Launch Date: Fall 2015

St. Louis University - Madrid | Madrid, Spain

Launch Date: Fall 2016

University of Auckland | Auckland, New Zealand

Launch Date: Fall 2018


Site Selection Criteria

Partner institutions for UD World Scholar sites are carefully selected based upon many factors, including academic reputation and offerings, existing relationships with the University of Delaware, desirability of location, as well as a true commitment by the partner institution to collaborate with UD in the support of World Scholars and the strengthening of the Program.

Additionally, World Scholar Sites should:

  • Be located in safe, appealing environs for prospective students and their parents

  • Have academic strengths and opportunities that align with or complement UD’s strengths

  • Have an American-style infrastructure, providing the types of support services, residence halls, and customer service that will assist in making the first-semester experience and subsequent transition to the UD campus more successful

  • Utilize English as the primary language of instruction and communication by administrative staff

  • Offer opportunities for language instruction and immersion

  • Represent diverse cultures and continents


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Photo taken by Kevin Johnson on the 16F Rome World Scholars Program.