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Begin with an adventure abroad ...
graduate a World Scholar!

As a World Scholar, you’ll spend your first semester studying abroad in Greece, Italy, New Zealand or Spain, earning credits while expanding your knowledge of other cultures and yourself.


While abroad, you will study at one of our partner institutions, recognized for their academics, small class sizes and a dedication to learning outside the classroom.


Over the course of the four-year World Scholars program, students study abroad a second time during their junior year, choosing their destination from among 40 countries.

When scholars are not participating in study overseas, global experiences remain central to their education, from freshman through senior year. This includes:


  • An international living-learning community with peer mentors

  • A globally focused minor
  • Opportunities to network with global professionals
  • Advising on post-graduation international programs and scholarships, like the U.S. Fulbright Program

Interested in World Scholars?


To be considered for admission to the World Scholars Program, students must first be admitted to one of the 100+ eligible majors at the University of Delaware. Eligible students will find a link to register for a World Scholars interview on their My Blue Hen Home student portal.


Wondering what majors qualify for World Scholars? Look for majors that have the "World Scholars" button at the bottom of our Major Finder page and see what freshman locations are available for each major here.

Still have questions about the World Scholars Program?

Register here to meet with World Scholars staff live to get your questions answered. 

A 1926-1927 study abroad group poses for a portrait. UD is known as the institution where study abroad originated, and its early program included study in Paris, Rome, Vienna, London and Geneva.

University of Delaware: A Pioneer in Global Education

The University of Delaware has been a pioneer in global studies for 100 years, creating the first U.S. study abroad program in 1923.  With our 100-year anniversary, we continue in the spirit of innovation in international education with  the World Scholars Program. The combination of two semesters of study abroad within a four-year course of study builds on UD’s tradition of exploration and developing students into global citizens.

Four-Year Experience

In your first year as a University of Delaware World Scholar, you will spend your fall semester abroad and spring on UD’s main Newark Campus.

During your semester abroad you will study in either Rome, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Auckland, New Zealand; or Athens, Greece. There, you will enroll in courses taught in English by international faculty and earn credits  that meet UD graduation requirements. A UD representative accompanies students to and from their destination. While abroad, students reside in campus housing and benefit from advising, support and resources comparable to those offered on UD's campus.

When you return to UD’s Newark campus, our New Student Orientation and Spring Into Success weekend program will help you embrace the next chapter of your college career.

After finishing your first year by selecting a globally-focused minor, you will begin your second year as a resident in the International House. This on-campus, international living-learning community allows the cross-cultural conversation to continue. Staff from the Center for Global Programs and Services, student mentors and a team of advisors will provide resources and advice to assist you in your growth as a global citizen.

As a complement to your global studies, you will travel abroad again during your third year. Your destination will be based on your academic focus and desired location of study. This travel will include an internship, community engagement or research activity. During this year, you will also be counseled on numerous post-graduate options like the U.S. Fulbright Program.

In your final year as a World Scholar, you will enjoy networking opportunities with global professionals and will participate in a spring scholars symposium. Come graduation, you and your classmates will be recognized for your accomplishments as UD World Scholars. From there? You can go anywhere!


Yes, your financial aid package applies to World Scholars. Financial aid is split evenly between the fall and spring semesters, including your freshman semester abroad.

The World Scholars Program is for students who are confident that they want to study abroad at least twice, beginning in the fall of their freshman year. However, any UD student—regardless of major—can study abroad. Each year, we offer 100+ study abroad programs across six continents and 40+ countries. In fact, 100 years ago, we founded the first study abroad program in the U.S. and, today, over a third of our undergraduates study abroad at least once before graduating.

Students admitted to eligible majors at UD are invited to apply for World Scholars program. If offered an interview, we look for traits that we know make for a successful Scholar, including openness to other cultures and experiences, resilience, independence and maturity, sustained commitment to current or previous activities, a desire to contribute as a member of the World Scholars community and a strong academic profile.

Yes! Approximately a quarter of World Scholars are also honors students. Scholars can earn three honors credits during their first semester abroad and continue to meet honors requirements and World Scholars requirements, both on-campus and abroad, throughout their four-year undergraduate careers. World Scholars can also participate in most of the UD Scholars and Fellows programs.

Yes, but there are two caveats—your choice of major and your age at time of departure. During the interview process, students are asked to prioritize their preference for their first study abroad site. In a small number of cases, a student’s academic major will impact their choice. You may view the list of which locations are available by major here. Additionally, our partner institutions in Athens, Rome and Madrid do not allow minors to study abroad at their universities; as such, if you will not be 18 years old by the beginning of your freshman fall semester, you cannot travel to those sites. Estimated departure dates for 24F are August 24 for Madrid, August 25 for Rome, and September 4 for Athens. However, students under 18 can still enroll at UD as a World Scholar and travel to Auckland, NZ for their first semester abroad, which begins in early July.

Students who wish to enroll in World Scholars must complete the appropriate forms in their My Blue Hen Home portal and make two non-refundable deposits by May 15: a $500 deposit to confirm enrollment at UD and a $500 deposit to confirm enrollment in the World Scholars Program.

All students who plan to enroll in the World Scholars Program must have, by April 15, a U.S. passport valid through June 2025 and must upload their passport to their My Blue Hen Home portal by May 15. Passports must be valid for at least six months after the departure date from your World Scholar site, although some locations may allow for a passport that is valid only three months after the end of your program abroad. Scholars studying in Madrid or Rome must surrender their passports to UD from June 14 - July 19 so that their visa applications may be batch processed by the Italian and Spanish consulates, respectively.

UD World Scholars will enroll in 12 - 17 credits (about 4 to 5 classes) during their fall semester abroad. All World Scholars will take a required course as a cohort—Introduction to Maori Studies in New Zealand and Introduction to Global Politics in our three European locations. Students will meet with their UD academic advisors to choose from a variety of additional courses that are offered at their location, are recommended for freshman students and meet UD credit and graduation requirements. All courses are taught in English.

World Scholar partner sites are chosen for their infrastructure and ability to support student success. Each offers American-style amenities such as residence halls, a meal plan, and support services for health, mental health and academic enrichment. Additionally, Scholars are encouraged to participate in student organizations and athletics. Students in need of accommodations for a physical, psychological or medical condition must first register with UD’s Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) prior to departure. The Center for Global Programs & Services works closely with DSS and the host institution to ensure that Scholars receive the support they need while abroad. Working with DSS in advance of study abroad also ensures that students receive the necessary accommodations when they arrive on UD’s campus in the spring.

World Scholars move into their residence hall rooms earlier than returning students and participate in orientation and transition programs during their first weekend on campus. Within their first two weeks on campus, Scholars begin classes, including First Year Seminar, explore and join student organizations, and dive into the life of a Blue Hen! The spring semester kicks off with the World Scholars All Class Welcome, continues with monthly World Scholars workshops and culminates with the Spring Formal.

Program Costs & Financing

The chart represents estimated costs (based on 2023-2024 school year)* for the student's first year in the World Scholars Program. UD World Scholars are charged the same tuition as other students at the University of Delaware, and their financial aid package is split evenly between the fall and spring semesters.

Included in our program costs is a one-time World Scholar Program fee for the student’s first semester abroad, which includes housing, dining, international insurance, select excursions and activities abroad, as well as resources to support student success provided by UD and our partner institutions.


2023-2024 UD World Scholars Program Tuition and Fees

Program Costs for the First Year


DE Resident





Semester on
Newark Campus**


Semester on
Newark Campus**

Full Time Tuition (12+ credits) 





Mandatory Full Time Fees





Room & Board (Standard)





World Scholar Program Fee





Semester Total





Academic Year Total



Indirect Costs***





Total Cost of Attendance




*Costs are estimated, based on the previous school year. New rates are released every July.
** Individual costs for the Newark campus may vary based on the program of study.  
***Indirect costs include books, supplies and personal miscellaneous expenses. For the semester abroad, we have included estimates for round-trip air travel to your World Scholar site and international visa fees.

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