Delaware Innovation Fellows

The Delaware Innovation Fellows Program offers unique learning and enrichment opportunities to select students from ANY MAJOR who demonstrate passion, creativity, leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset. Participating students spend their four years at the University of Delaware immersed in the design and development of new solutions to important societal, environmental and business problems and engaged with a like-minded community that includes successful inventors, educators, entrepreneurs, business executives and community leaders.




It’s easy to dream big. Taking action is hard. You have to know what to do and you are likely to need a lot of help and resources to turn your ideas into action. The Delaware Innovation Fellows program empowers students who want to change the world by giving them the knowledge, skills, connections and access to resources needed to successfully manifest innovation.



The Delaware Innovation Fellows Program offers an inclusive four-year enrichment experience.

Year 1 Highlights. You will launch the “startup” of your professional life by visiting innovative companies, attending local and regional meetups and conferences, and beginning to build your network. You will also learn how to deliver a persuasive pitch to gain buy-in from others and conduct research to identify an important societal, environmental or business problem that you are passionate about solving. Specialized coursework focusing on establishing your personal brand and developing networking and communication skills will support your activities.

Year 2 Highlights. You will gain experience with design thinking and the entrepreneurial process by working to develop a novel solution to the problem identified in year 1. A $500 grant will be awarded to fund your work. Specialized coursework focusing on the basics of putting ideas into action, faculty mentors and other Horn Program resources will also support your efforts.

Year 3 Highlights. You will gain additional experience with design thinking and innovation by completing a project-based internship for a startup, an innovative company or a social venture. A peer-to-peer mentoring group moderated by a seasoned entrepreneur or business professional and online coursework will provide guidance and support throughout your internship experience.

Year 4 Highlights. In your fourth and final year you’ll choose a path: enhance Delaware’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, launch a startup, launch a social venture or complete another project-based internship. Each path will offer opportunities to gain funding, mentorship and other supportive resources provided by the Horn Program.



The Delaware Innovation Fellows Program is administered by the University of Delaware Horn Program in Entrepreneurship, which has quickly gained recognition for developing and delivering world class programs built on a foundation of experiential learning, external engagement and evidence-based entrepreneurship. The Horn Program utilizes its growing resources and network to grant project funding, deliver specialized programming and coursework, and provide mentorship, internship and professional development opportunities for innovation fellows.



Delaware Innovation Fellows are encouraged to enroll in specialized coursework that has been designed to maximize the learning impact resulting from participation in the program’s unique activities and experiences. All recommended courses are offered online during all academic terms to ensure that they do not interfere with major requirements.

Year 1. Startup Your Professional Path (1 credit)

Year 2. From Ideas to Action and an additional one-credit course (2 credits)

Year 3: Entrepreneurship in Practice: Internship (3 credits)

Year 4: Optional coursework only

Application and Selection Process

Details of the application process will be posted shortly. Please check this section soon for more information.

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