Delaware Innovation Fellows

Yes, you can change the world!


The Delaware Innovation Fellows Program offers unique learning and enrichment opportunities to select students from ANY major who demonstrate passion, creativity, leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset.


As a Delaware Innovation Fellow, you will be part of a motivated community of students that develop meaningful relationships with successful innovators, entrepreneurs, social activists, business executives and community leaders.


“Overall, DIF has provided me with the freedom to learn, explore and stretch myself without fear of failing so that I am able to attempt to affect society for the better.”

Gabby daPonte, Nursing Major

Who We Are

More than a Four-Year Experience

Engaging in the Delaware Innovation Fellows Program is more than just a four-year enrichment experience. It is an opportunity to capitalize on your college experience, develop lasting relationships and cultivate skillsets needed to lead an impactful life. 

  • Visit innovative companies
  • Build your professional network
  • Complete an innovative capstone project of your choosing
  • Participate in exclusive local and regional Horn Entrepreneurship events

Engage with a Like-Minded and Diverse Community


"I feel like I used to be a lot shyer before coming to the University of Delaware and joining DIF. Being a part of this program has helped me break out of my shell and be more personable."

- Giana Horigan, Exercise Science Major


"Before I lacked the creativity and mindset needed to be anything other than average. Through DIF, I have pushed the boundaries of my capabilities and have become the best version of myself."

- James Massaquoi, Economics Major


"The impact of being part of DIF is that I am more prepared for the real world and feel I can utilize my connections I have made with this program and have the tools to succeed."

- Nicole Seiden, Communications Major

Cultivate Lasting Connections and Networks


Joe Westcott, Capital One


Kris Vaddi, Incyte Corporation

Push the Boundaries of Your Capabilities

See how Delaware Innovation Fellows have utilized their experiences to pursue opportunities and gain skillsets they never believed were possible before.


Steven Burns, Y Innovations


Brianna Bannach, Comfort Cushion


Brennan Stark, Y Innovations


Frequently Asked Questions


DIF students will engage in opportunities throughout each semester based on what fits their interests and schedules. Engaging in these opportunities will take approximately 5-10 hours per semester. 

There is no cost associated with participating in DIF. In fact, mini-grants of $250-$1,000 are available for DIF students through an exclusive Innovation Fund so they can pursue their passions and interests throughout their four years.

Delaware Innovation Fellows are expected to enroll in specialized coursework that has been designed to maximize the learning impact resulting from participation in the program’s unique activities and experiences. Students will take courses worth 10-11 credits total, and also earn an entrepreneurship certificate by the end of their four years.

By cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, students will be better prepared to face the “real-world”, and will be best-in-class problem solvers that can adapt and enhance whatever environment they are immersed in, excelling far above individuals in their age bracket as a result. 

The program is run by tenured University of Delaware faculty members, Founding Director of Horn Entrepreneurship, PhD Dan Freeman and Horn Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator, Rachel Strauss.

All University of Delaware colleges and over 50 majors are represented in the Delaware Innovation Fellows Program. Students from any and all backgrounds are eligible for the program.

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