Dare to be a Scholar

Push The Boundaries Of Your Curiosity


The University of Delaware’s breadth of academic offerings include 150+ degree programs spanning education and human development, arts and sciences, health, business, the environment, engineering, and agriculture and natural resources. Design your own major by combining interests. Customize your education with research, Study Abroad and service learning.

You can complement your major further with the UD Honors College and one of our unique enrichment programs. The Scholars and Fellows programs are looking for creative students like you to think beyond your major and to push the boundaries of your intellectual curiosity. These programs are designed to keep you academically active while you develop specialized skills and career connections.

Think of Scholars and Fellows as another way to build experience, strengthen your resume and increase your career prospects. Here you can immerse yourself in global experiences beginning with your first semester abroad, or engage in community initiatives. You can receive funding for a new idea and launch a startup, or tackle the most pressing concerns of our day, like cybersecurity. Explore and advocate for new approaches to disability, or invent, design and create in our makerspace labs. The possibilities are bound only by your imagination, your ambition and your curiosity.

Honors College


Are you looking to expand your intellectual horizons? If you are the type of student who wants to work hard academically, but also be part of a bright and vibrant community of scholars, the UD Honors College is a good fit for you. Regardless of your major, you will find yourself immersed in a world of opportunities from small Honors classes, residence hall programming and more.  


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World Scholars


Looking to immerse yourself in global study? Our innovative UD World Scholars Program will give you an extraordinary four years, beginning with your first semester abroad in Italy, Spain or New Zealand. You will have specialized coursework, internships, a second study abroad, interaction with key individuals on the international stage, and career guidance and mentorship. There's no other program like it. 


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Access:ABILITY Scholars


Your ideas and commitment can change people’s lives. As an Access:Ability Scholar you will act on that philosophy by learning to design and advocate for inclusive approaches to disability. Bring your unique talents and the distinct perspective of your major—whatever major that might be—to issues that affect the disability community.


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Climate Scholars


As the effects of climate change become ever more apparent and severe, now is the time to take responsibility and do what you can to prevent the worst impacts. As a Climate Scholar, you’ll not only gain an understanding of the challenges we face, but you’ll engage with the community to devise new solutions.


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Community Engagement Scholars


Be part of UD’s tradition of public service and make an impact as a Community Engagement Scholar. You’ll have the chance to make a difference through service learning courses, as a researcher in a community-based project or as a volunteer. You’ll gain first-hand skills addressing important issues and have a competitive advantage amongst your peers. 


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Cybersecurity Scholars


The Cybersecurity Scholars Program will integrate with any major and train you to become a thought leader in cybersecurity! You will collaboratively assess the most pressing cyber-defense questions and develop both cultural and technical solutions.


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Delaware Innovation Fellows


Got an Idea? Ignite your imagination and turn your ideas into action. If you’re passionate, creative and bold, become a Delaware Innovation Fellow. This program integrates courses with hands-on learning activities and will give you mentoring opportunities and funding to turn your dreams into innovations – no matter what your major is.


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Grand Challenges Scholars for Engineers


Start changing the world in a positive way. As a Grand Challenges Scholar and engineering student you will be a part of the addressing the Presidential call for our nation to lead the way in responding to the most critical global technological challenges of the 21st century. 


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