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Edge Summer
College Program

The Edge summer college program at the University of Delaware offers exclusive opportunities to engaged and talented high school sophomores and juniors across the country. Students have the chance to live and learn on one of the most engaging college campuses on the East Coast.

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Why Edge?

The UD Edge summer college program prepares high school students moving into their junior or senior year for a future as a successful college student. By emphasizing academic excellence, practical skill building and student leadership, Edge offers you the challenge, independence and excitement of a learning experience that can only be found at a top national university.

From July 10 – 30, 2022, you will:

  • Live with talented students from around the world in a state-of-the-art residence hall located on UD's beautiful Newark campus
  • Take a college-level course, taught by excellent UD faculty members, for up to four transferable credits
  • Participate in a college readiness workshop led by experienced college admissions professionals, where you gain insight into the college application process, including what it takes to create a competitive college essay
  • Engage with leaders and undergraduate students across campus to learn from their stories about personal growth, resilience, leadership and gaining the mindset to become successful
  • Take part in a variety of cultural experiences that allow students to build friendships and understand the value of living in a diverse community

Admissions Criteria

Admission to the Edge summer college program is competitive and selective. Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for admission to the program:

  • A rising high school junior or senior (by summer of 2022)
  • 3.0+ cumulative GPA
  • Evidence that demonstrates strong academic potential, good judgement and maturity, and the ability to succeed in a highly structured environment


To apply to the 2022 Edge session, please complete the following steps by May 15, 2022


✓ Submit the online application, essay, and a $60 application fee. Application fee waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email for more information. 

✓ Submit an unofficial copy of your high school transcript 

✓ Have a teacher, mentor or school counselor submit a letter of recommendation



The Edge program fee covers tuition for your courses, housing, a daily meal plan (including breakfast and dinner), library privileges, lab fees, and all group recreational costs. It does not include the cost of books, cost of lunch or other meals, or spending money. 

Program Fee: $4,900

There is a non-refundable, one-time deposit of $100 that is due June 1, 2022.

If you need to be considered for financial assistance, please contact us at Please note that financial aid is very limited and does not cover the entire cost of the program.

During Edge, You will take one of the following Edge exclusive courses. These courses are only offered to Edge students and have a maximum enrollment of 25 students. You will be learning from highly engaging and experienced instructors each weekday. In addition to your Edge exclusive class, all Edge participants are required to take the Edge seminar class.


ART 267: Drawing & Design: Portfolio Preparation (3 credits): Explore your passion while developing and expanding your range of skills and your visual vocabulary through immersive experiences in drawing and two-dimensional design.


AGRI 100: Organic and Sustainable Farming (3 credits): This course will be an introduction to sustainable food systems for students with little or no background in agricultural sciences. In this course, we will explore one of the world’s grand challenges—producing enough food for a growing population while conserving the earth’s natural resources. We will cover the concept of sustainability as it relates to food production and learn about key factors such as history, common practices, economics, nutrition, and the environmental impact of the agriculture industry. Students will actively participate in growing crops organically on the Newark Farm to develop a fuller understanding of the challenges and opportunities of organic farming.


BISC 106: Elementary Human Physiology (3 credits): The structure and function of humans; mechanisms of maintenance and reproductive behavior. We will cover a majority of the human organ systems including pathology as an insight to function.


EGGG 102: Introduction to Engineering Product Design (3 credits): This course introduces students to engineering product design through both theory and hands-on practice. Students will apply the four-phase engineering design process to understanding, designing, and testing product designs. The course will provide an introduction to computer aided design (CAD), manufacturing, and design validation concepts.


ENTR 350: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 credits): Focus on understanding the basic concepts, tools, and practices of entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial skills. The entrepreneurial process (opportunity recognition, resource marshaling, and team building driven by communication, creativity, and leadership) and business planning are emphasized.


HDFS 203: Racial Identity, Bias, and the Self (3 credits): The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of racism, other social frameworks, and their individual and systemic effects. Students will explore cultural practices around the world, their own racial identity and cultural biases during the course. Students will learn self-awareness techniques and cultural competence training.


MUSC 105: Fundamentals of Music (3 credits): Introduction into the elements of music theory including ear training, music reading and harmony with keyboard application.


UNIV 101: Edge Seminar (0 credits; pass/fail): All Edge students are required to take the Edge seminar. This course is designed to assist you with the transition from high school to college, to help you acquire the skills necessary to take responsibility for your educational experience and become a self-directed learner. You will be introduced to the College Admissions Process and topics focused on leadership, career exploration, goal setting, and time management.

Residence Halls

Edge students stay in an air-conditioned residence hall that is within easy walking distance of academic buildings and other amenities. Trained Edge mentor staff provide a community environment in the residence halls that promotes respect for individual differences while supporting personal growth and academic success. Available facilities include a study room, laundry room, kitchenette and a large common lounge. 


Students share a fully furnished, double-occupancy, air-conditioned room. Once students have accepted the offer of admission to the Edge program and have submitted the $100 program deposit, they will have the opportunity to either request a roommate or to be matched with a roommate who aligns with their  interests, personality, and preferences. 


All Edge students have a two-per-day meal plan (breakfast and dinner) that is included with the program fee. Students can purchase lunch at a local Main Street eatery or dining options on campus such as the Trabant University Center, Perkins Student Center, or Pencader Dining Hall. Students have the option of purchasing university Flex points, which allows them to buy food and snacks outside of the dining hall and at some locations on Main Street.

Campus Facilities

There are many recreational facilities on the UD campus that can be used by Edge students without charge. Basketball courts, large grassy areas, beach volleyball courts and tennis courts are all available on campus. The Carpenter Sports Building can also be used by students wishing to play basketball, climb a rock wall or use exercise machines, to name just a few activities.


Edge officially kicks off with move-in to a University residence hall on July 10, 2022. Classes will run from July 11 – 29, 2022.


May 1, 2022: Priority deadline to submit applications.

May 15, 2022: Final deadline to submit applications; Priority deadline for submission of all enrollment forms and the $100 program deposit fee.

June 1, 2022: Final deadline for submission of all enrollment forms and the $100 program deposit fee.

July 10, 2022: Move-in day and convocation at 12 p.m.

July 11, 2022: Classes begin.

July 29, 2022: Final exams and culminating event at 6 p.m.

July 30, 2022: Students must be moved out of the residence hall by 11 a.m.

The 2022 Edge Summer College Program will be offered in-person on UD’s Newark campus. We will be adhering to the most up-to-date university guidelines and policies. Please note that these policies are subject to change with public health guidance.


Are Edge students required to be vaccinated?

While Edge students are not required to be vaccinated, we strongly encourage them to be fully vaccinated.


Are Edge students required to wear masks?

Current policy requires students required to wear masks in classroom settings, on UD-sponsored transportation, and in all healthcare and clinical areas. However, masks are not required in non-classroom spaces such as research labs, offices, and athletic event/student experience spaces.


Are Edge students required to be tested?

Edge students are required to have a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours of the program start on July 10, 2022 (Lab-based PCR/NAAT/Antigen tests and home antigen tests are permitted). While test results do not need to be submitted to the program, students and families are required to sign a COVID compliance form to pledge that they complied with this requirement. Students who have symptoms of illness or test positive for COVID-19 should stay home and not attend the program.


What happens if an Edge student becomes very ill and tests positive?

Students who show signs of illness and test positive for COVID-19 can isolate on campus or return home. If students and families elect to stay on campus, they will be in an isolated space for a minimum of 5 days. Isolated students will have the opportunity to make up coursework, retrieve food from a dining hall via take out, and will be supervised by a program leader. 


What are other policies that Edge students need to adhere to?

- Edge students and families will need to complete and submit a COVID compliance form by July 10, 2022. This form will be available on the My Blue Hen Home portal for enrolled students.

- Current policy requires students to complete a Daily Health Screening Form

Edge Program Contacts


Tim Danos, M.P.A. 

Associate Director of Pre-College Programs


Address: 210 S. College Ave., Newark, DE 19716-7202

Phone: (302) 831-8123

Fax: (302) 831-6905