College Readiness
Scholars Institute

"CRSI is life changing"
-CRSI Scholar

The College Readiness Scholars Institute offers an immersive college experience for low-income and first-generation high school students in Delaware.



In the College Readiness Scholars Institute (CRSI) students don't just learn, they work to become scholars. When high school students complete our summer programing—at no cost to the student—and leave campus, they are transformed by our rigorous academic environment, newly committed to a journey of personal and professional growth, and encouraged to become leaders in the community and the wider world. Through close working relationships with UD faculty, staff and undergraduate students, CRSI students are not just preparing for college, they are committing themselves to a lifelong educational journey. 

Program Information

Students enrolled in the College Readiness Scholars Institute will enroll in the June 2019 program at no cost. The program is designed to continue throughout a students' high school career, beginning with a required summer session and followed by sessions throughout the academic school year.

During the summer, students will:

  • Live together in a state-of-the-art residence hall located at UD’s beautiful Newark campus (rising 11th through 12th grade students)
  • Explore UD’s campus and take part in a variety of engaging and interactive activities (rising 9th and 10th grade students)
  • Participate in academic seminars with engaging and passionate UD faculty and staff
  • Participate in a pre-college readiness workshop led by experienced college admissions professionals, where students gain insight into the college application process, including what it takes to create a competitive college essay
  • Utilize resources from UD’s Career Services to prepare for your future career
  • Engage with leaders and undergraduate students across campus to learn from their stories of personal growth, resiliency, leadership and success
  • Take part in a variety of cultural experiences that allow students to build community and understand the purpose of living in a diverse world

Throughout the school year, students will:

  • Participate in monthly sessions at their high schools and on UD's campus, led by UD faculty, staff and undergraduate students; these sessions will continue to support students in their academic, personal and professional growth, ensuring students are college and career ready

  • Receive invites to attend special events on UD's campus


There are no costs for students to participate in this program. All lodging, meals, trips and academic experiences are covered by the program.

Application Deadline

May 1, 2019

How to Apply

The CRSI 2019 Application is now closed. We expect to launch the CRSI 2020 Application by January 2020.

For current rising high school freshmen and sophomores, please complete the following steps:

     >> Submit the online application and essay (The application is currently closed)

    >> Have a teacher, mentor or school counselor submit a recommendation via the CRSI recommendation form once the 2020 application goes live.

Admission to the College Readiness Scholars Institute is competitive and selective. Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for admission to the program:

  • Be a rising high school freshman, sophomore, junior or senior (by summer of 2019)—programming differs for 9th/10th grade students and 11th/12th grade students

  • 2.5+ cumulative GPA

  • Must meet one of the following qualifications:

    • first-generation college student (i.e. first in your immediate family to attend college)

    • low-income (i.e. qualify for free or reduced lunch)

  • Evidence that demonstrates academic potential, good judgment and maturity, and the ability to succeed in a highly-structured environment

  • Students must complete an informal interview with the director and assistant director of pre-college programs

For rising 11th and 12th grade students

May 1, 2019: Priority deadline to submit applications.

June 5, 2019:  Priority deadline to submit all enrollment forms.

June 17, 2019: Move-in day for 11th and 12th grade students only.

June 29, 2019: Move-out day and commencement.


For rising 9th and 10th grade students

May 1, 2019: Priority deadline to submit applications.

June 5, 2019:  Priority deadline to submit all enrollment forms.

June 27 and 28, 2019: On-campus programming. Rising 9th and 10th grade students will not stay on-campus overnight. Students have the option of being bused to the Newark campus from Dover, Georgetown, and Wilmington for both days.


For all high school students

September - May 2019: Engagement sessions will begin once a month at the student’s high school. There will be two engagement sessions held at UD’s campus for both parents and students.


Residence Halls

CRSI students stay in an air-conditioned residence hall that is within easy walking distance of academic buildings and other amenities. Trained peer mentor staff provide a community environment in the residence halls, promoting respect for individual differences while supporting personal growth and academic success. Available facilities include a study room, laundry room, kitchenette and a large common lounge.


Students share a fully furnished, double-occupancy, air-conditioned room. Students are housed based on gender identity and are able to socialize and study together in main lounges and common areas.


All CRSI students will have each of their meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) together during the summer program. All meals are covered by the program at no cost to the student. Snacks are available at various food courts and student centers across campus at the expense of the student.


CRSI Program Contacts

Address: 210 South College Avenue, Newark, DE 19716-7202

Phone: (302) 831-8123