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Support from the very start

Accelerate-U Delaware (A-UD) is designed to help new international students build a strong academic, linguistic, and cultural foundation during their first semester at UD. A-UD offers specialized support to each student, ensuring a smooth transition to college life and preparing students for success. A-UD is offered in fall and spring semesters. 

A-UD is a collaboration between the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and UD's English Language Institute (ELI), which has been supporting international students on campus for over 40 years.

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Enrollment Process

Enroll in the University of Delaware by paying the $500 nonrefundable deposit and completing the Admissions Decision Reply form in your My Blue Hen Home student portal, preferably by May 1. Then, continue to check your student portal throughout the summer for important tasks, such as setting up your UD email, taking a math placement program and registering for on-campus housing.

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The Accelerate-U Delaware Experience

Enhanced undergraduate courses.

You will take courses that are related to your major and earn 13-15 credits that count toward your bachelor’s degree. 


Small classes.

Classes have a maximum of 14 students—all international students like you. Small classes ensure that you will have more personalized attention from the instructor.


Specially selected faculty.

You will be taught by instructors who are specially trained to adapt their teaching methods to be more effective for international students.


Extended class time.

Typical UD classes are offered for three hours each week. A-UD classes allow for an hour of extra class time per week. This ensures that you will have plenty of time to understand the lecture, participate in class discussions and ask questions. 

Discussion sessions.

Each week, you and your classmates will meet for a discussion session guided by an instructional assistant. Together you will discuss class notes, review key vocabulary and prepare for exams. 


Student mentor.

You will have an American peer mentor to help you engage in university life. 



You will have two advisors: an academic advisor for your major that will guide you during your entire university career, and an A-UD advisor that will oversee your progress during your A-UD semester. Your two advisors will work together with you to support your transition to UD and to ensure your schedule fits your academic goals.


Enrichment at no additional cost.

A-UD is a free benefit for admitted international students. There is no additional tuition fee, and it adds no additional time to your studies. 

English Language Institute (ELI) holds an annual picnic at their location at 189 Main Street for students and families of the international students.

Student Life

You will live on UD’s campus in a traditional residence hall with one or two other UD students. While on campus, you will have access to all UD’s amenities, clubs, sports, activities, etc.—a typical student experience.

Course Selection

Your academic advisors will work with you to develop a first-semester schedule that fits your academic goals. You will receive your fall semester schedule during orientation.

A-UD students will be registered in five courses, totaling 13-15 credits. Your schedule will include ENGL 110 (Seminar in Composition), one International First-Year Seminar, and three additional courses that meet the University and your major requirements.  

Each course will be taught by a University of Delaware faculty member, either in a traditional classroom or a classroom in the English Language Institute. Each course is extended by one hour per week to facilitate understanding and will include an additional hour per week of discussion led by the instructional assistant.

After the Accelerate-U Delaware program, you will integrate into traditional courses.

Course code

Course Name


ANTH 101

Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology


ARTH 151

Myth, Religion, and Art


BHAN 155

Personal Health Management: An Approach for a Lifetime


BISC 104

Principles of Biology, with Laboratory


BUAD 110

Basics of Business


CHEM 103

General Chemistry, with Laboratory


CHIN 204

The Art of Chinese Calligraphy


CISC 106

General Computer Science for Engineers


COMM 212

Oral Communication in Business


ECON 101

Introduction to Microeconomics


ECON 103

Introduction to Macroeconomics


ENGL 110

Seminar in Composition


GEOG 120

World Regional Geography


GEOL 105

Geological Hazards and Their Human Impact


LEAD 200

The Leadership Challenge


LEAD 300

Leadership, Creativity, and Innovation


MATH 114

College Mathematics and Statistics


MATH 115



MATH 117

Pre-Calculus for Scientists and Engineers


MATH 221

Calculus I


MATH 241

Analytic Geometry and Calculus A


PHYS 207

Fundamentals of Physics with Laboratory


PLSC 202

History of Landscape Architecture


POSC 150

Introduction to American Politics


POSC 240

Introduction to Global Politics


SCEN 109

Art of Botany


UNIV 101

International First-Year Seminar


*Subject to change



To learn more about tuition and fees for international students at the University of Delaware, please see the Financing Your Degree section of the International Students website.

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