Delaware Diplomats scholarship program

Delaware Diplomats Scholarship Program 

The Delaware Diplomats Scholarship Program was founded in 2014 as a means of increasing access to UD study abroad for all members of the University community and to reward students for their engagement with the world on UD’s campus. 

As Diplomats, students can earn up to $1,500 toward UD Study Abroad by completing badges in World Knowledge, Intercultural Friendship and Study Abroad Preparation. In addition to earning a scholarship, Diplomats join a tight-knit community, prepare for their time abroad and develop the skills that will give them a competitive edge in the global job market. Read more.


The Center for Global Programs & Services bi-annually invites applicants for the Delaware Diplomats Scholarship Program. The program is best suited for current UD freshmen and sophomores but is also open to juniors.

To confirm enrollment in the Delaware Diplomats Program, students are required to attend an orientation session and complete a brief online assessment. To maintain active enrollment in the Program, students must attend monthly Diplomat meetings and participate each semester in at least three activities toward badge completion.

The Spring 2023 application has closed.

Please check back this summer for more information on the Fall 2023 application process.


Contact us anytime at or call the Center for Global Programs & Services Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (302) 831-2852.  Follow #DEDiplomat on social to stay connected.

Earn Badges

Diplomats can earn up to $1,500 toward UD Study Abroad by completing badges in World Knowledge, Intercultural Friendship and Study Abroad Preparation. Badges must be completed before the application deadline of a UD study abroad program in order to be applied to that program. 

a photo of a woman singing Peking Opera and painting traditional Chinese calligraphy.

World Knowledge 

The World Knowledge badge signifies that you have expanded your understanding of other countries and cultures. Diplomats attend five international/intercultural events and submit a reflection for each to earn this five-point badge worth $500 toward UD study abroad.

A photo of an international student and American student.

Intercultural Friendship

The Intercultural Friendship badge signifies that you have developed a connection with at least one person from a culture different from your own. Participate for a full semester in the ELI American Host Partner Program (AHPP) and submit your Digital Story to earn this five-point badge worth $500 toward UD study abroad. This badge must be completed within a single academic semester.

A photo of the Siena skyline

Study Abroad Preparation

The Study Abroad Preparation badge signifies that you have acquired skills needed to support a successful experience abroad. Participate in five events/activities that prepare you for a successful experience abroad and submit a reflection for each to earn this five-point badge worth $500 toward UD study abroad. 

Once accepted, Diplomats will receive additional details on monthly meetings and instructions on earning badges.

Maintain Your Award 

Please note, you will be required to repay your scholarship award in full if you:

  • Get a serious judicial violation before the program begins; 

  • Are dismissed from a program due to improper conduct; or 

  • Withdraw from a program after funds have been spent on your behalf.

Pay it Forward

If you receive a CGPS award, you will be asked to: 

  • Email CGPS your 2 best photos depicting what you have learned about your host culture. 

  • Contribute brief, weekly written submissions and photos for the UD Abroad Blog

Additional instructions will be given to you prior to departure. 

Please note, by submitting your photos, you give the University of Delaware and its assignees a worldwide, royalty-free and fully-paid, unlimited, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, modify, display, distribute, reproduce, perform and create derivative works of the photos for promotional or educational purposes. By submitting, you agree that you are the sole author of the photos, with the sole power to authorize their use, and that use by the University will not constitute an infringement of any third party patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary or property right. You waive any right to notice, inspection or approval of the use to which your photo may be put, and release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the University of Delaware and its directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, successors, licensees and assigns, from all liability in connection with your photos, as well as any use, broadcast, distribution or performance thereof, including with respect to any claims relating to copyright ownership, publication, privacy and publicity, and any claim for compensation related to any of the foregoing. You understand there will be no further compensation due you and you may or may not be identified by name or otherwise in connection with the University’s use of the media. 


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