Study Abroad Travel Assistants

An image of a structure in the water in Soka, Japan.

Travel Assistant Instructions

Congratulations on being invited to participate as a Travel Assistant for a UD Study Abroad program! Before we can move forward, you must complete the following steps:

Log into the Study Abroad Database with your CAS credentials. Select “Access/Start a New Travel Assistant Registration,” and then “Start a New Travel Assistant Form.”

  • Unless you are an assistant on a domestic (U.S.-based) program, you will need a passport.

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your travel study program. If your passport will expire, renew it now.  If you do not have a passport, apply for one now.

  • CGPS will review your registration form and notify you of acceptance.

Once you have been accepted, log into the Study Abroad Database to complete additional documentation. 

  • Download a copy of the Agreement of Responsibility for Assistants and review it with your Faculty Director. Submit the signed original copy to your Faculty Director, and send a copy to CGPS at 121 East Delaware Ave, or by email at

  • Read plane ticket instructions for your program. CGPS will purchase your plane ticket (unless other arrangements have been made). Do not purchase a plane ticket unless directed to do so.

  • If your program requires it, complete the Statement of Liability and Assumption of Risk form and return it to your faculty director. 

  • If your program requires it, complete the Company Visit Release form and return it to your faculty director.
  • Participate in all mandatory orientation meetings for your program. 

  • Go to mandatory health meetings if required for your program. Student Health Services will hold two sessions at the Student Health Center and you must attend one. Dates and times will be posted to your program’s web page. Prior to your meeting, you will receive an email from Student Health Services (SHS) with instructions to complete a health-related form. You must complete the form and attend the meeting to be eligible to get vaccinations at SHS.  If you have a class conflict, SHS can provide a release note.  There will not be make-up SHS meetings

  • Go to a mandatory Liability and Conduct Meeting for faculty and travel assistants. CGPS will hold two sessions and travel assistants must attend one. Check this site early in the semester prior to your departure for dates and times. If you have a conflict, notify your Faculty Director.

About one month before departure:

  • If necessary, update your passport and emergency contact information in our Study Abroad Database. It is important that this information is 100% correct ahead of your departure.


  • CGPS offers health insurance for assistants on international programs (not domestic). Visit our Health & Accident Insurance page to learn about how to register and explore coverages and exclusions.  

If you can no longer serve as a travel assistant, notify your faculty director and CGPS immediately. If your plane ticket has already been purchased or other program funds have been spent on your behalf, you may be responsible for refunding the full cost to CGPS. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Photo taken by Marlena Waters on the 17F Soka, Japan exchange program.