Academic Policies and Information

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UD Academic Policies and Information


The following information is found in the University's Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog. Topics highlighted under each section relate to UD Academic Policies and Procedures.


Academic Honesty

See Basic Responsibilities

University Attendance

    Class Attendance expections, inclement weather, religious holidays

    Seat Claim Policy

    Academic Leave of Absence

    Medical Emergencies

    Academic Withdrawal and Program Interruption


(Majors and Minors)

    Types of Majors

    University Studies


    Double Degrees

    Change of Majors / Restricted Majors - see Restricted Majors


    Class Registration Schedule (Matriculated Students)

    Changing Class Registration

    Standards Regarding Registration Holds and Class Attendance

Earning Course Credits

    Credit Hour Policy

    Your Earned Credit Hour Classification - ie. What Year Are You?

    Full-time or Part-time Status (Academic Course Load)

    Transfer course work from other institutions: Policy and Procedures

    Exemptions / Waivers

    Earning Credit by Exam

    Policies regarding Taking a Course more than once

Grading System Policies

    Final Grades and Quality Points, Incompletes and Temporary grades

    Policies regarding taking courses pass/fail

    How your GPA Index is Calculated

    Your Academic Standing- Academic Warning, Academic Suspension, Academic, Dismissal, Readmission procedures

    Dean's List requirements

Undergraduate Academic Requirements for Graduation

    Academic Honors: Summa, Magna, Cum Laude, Degree with Distinction

    NOTE: Upon degree conferral, the academic record is finalized and no further changes (addition of a minor, grade change) may be made.

Graduate Academic Requirements for Graduation

See Graduate College