Special Event Classroom Reservations

North Green

Special event classroom reservations


We are not accepting special event requests for the Fall 2024 semester at this time.


General Classroom Information & Policies


  1. Central inventory classroom space, scheduled by the University Registrar’s Office is available for use by faculty, staff and Registered Student Organizations (RSO) for university-related business or events, only.
  2. Lobby space in some academic buildings is available for use after 7:00pm Monday – Thursday and after 5:00pm on Friday.
  3. Events which charge fees, invite persons from outside of UD, and/or where catering is needed must be coordinated/scheduled through Conference Services.
  4. Per UD Policy, no food and/or beverages are allowed in academic classrooms.
  5. Academic Classrooms will not be reserved for instructor office hours.
  6. Special events will be scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  7. Academic departments are not to make requests for classrooms on behalf of students.
  8. RSOs wanting to request academic classrooms for an event must do so through the Event Services Office which is located in room 103 of the Trabant University Center - sites.udel.edu/usc/forms/. Refer to the “Weekend Classroom Usage” guidelines below.
  9. For classroom maintenance, please contact the building supervisor or fill out a Facilities Repair Request.
  10. IT-UMS (University Media Services) will not modify or add to the existing AV technology in general classrooms for the purpose of supporting events. Professional live streaming from general classrooms is not a provided service.

*All special event requests are subject to change, with space priority given to academic classes.


Weekday Classroom Usage

  1. All academic courses will be scheduled in classroom space before special events are scheduled.
  2. In Fall and Spring terms, special event space requests during peak course meeting times (MWF 9:05 – 12:20 & TR 9:30 – 5pm) will not be scheduled until after the 10th day of that term.

Weekend Classroom Usage

  1. Many academic classrooms are not available on weekends when Admissions has scheduled Decision Days, Blue & Gold Days, Alumni Weekend, etc. Check 25Live - View Room Availability before submitting your request.
  2. Events are primarily scheduled in the Quad for security and/or energy-saving reasons (EWG, KRB, PRN & SMI).
  3. On Sundays, RSO groups of 75+ must adhere to the following designated scheduling times – indicate preferences on request form:
        a. 2 hour times: 4 – 6pm; 6 – 8pm; 8 – 10pm
        b. 3 hour times: 3 – 6pm; 8 – 11pm