Final Grading Instructions

North Green

Grading Instruction for Final Grades

1. Login to UDSIS, go to your Faculty Self-Service Center, and click on My Schedule & Rosters.

UDSIS Faculty Homepage

2. From there you should see your Teaching Schedule, which will show the courses on which you are listed as the instructor for this term. If you would like to look at a different term, click Change Term and select the appropriate term.

Facutly Change Term

3. From your Teaching Schedule, click on the grade roster icon for the appropriate course. 

Grade Roster Icon

4. If your course had a mid-term grade roster, it may default to the mid-term roster instead of the final grade roster. Make sure to select the “Final Grade” Roster Type to view the appropriate roster.

Grade Roster Type

5. In the grade roster, input Roster Grades by selecting a grade from the drop down next to each student and then clicking the appropriate grade. 

Grade Roster Grade

6. For any F or Z grades, you will need to note the student’s level of participation, using the drop down.

Grade Roster Level

6a. If the level of participation was “Partial” you will also be prompted to provide the last date of participation. Enter the date or click the calendar icon and use the calendar to select the appropriate date. 

Grade Roster Date

6b. If you use the calendar icon, you can use the Month drop down or use the arrows next to “current date” to navigate to the correct month. Once you select the day it will bring you back to the roster.

Grade Roster Cal

6c. If you attempt to proceed without the level of participation or last date of attendance (for partial participation), you will receive the an error message.

grade roster level error

7. When all grades and additional info (if applicable) are entered change the Approval Status from "Not Reviewed" to "Approved" and click save.

grade roster approval

7a. If this error message appears, check to ensure you have entered grades for all of your students.

roster missing error

7b. You may have additional students that you didn’t initially see, click “view all” or use the arrow to navigate to the second page (if applicable).

grade roster view all

7c. If all students on your roster are graded and you still receive the message, your course is a multi-instructor course. Change the Approval Status back to "Not Reviewed" and click "Save." Registrar staff track these courses and will post grades once saved.

grade roster not reviewed

Grade Posting

  • The approval status must be set to “Approved” in order for grades to post.
  • Once the Approval Status of the grade roster is set to “Approved,” the grades will be posted in the next nightly grade posting job (scheduled by the Registrar’s Office).
  • The Registrar’s Office monitors multi-instructor sections to partially post grades so graded students may receive their grades.


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