KEY LINKS for faculty

North Green

New Faculty - Key Links


UDSIS, UD's Student Records System, provides a Faculty Center Homepage where you manage the courses and students you will teach each term.

UDSIS is a core UD system, feeding reporting and other applications across campus. Therefore, it is critical that you confirm your information in UDSIS.

  1. Login to UDSIS and view your Faculty & Advisors Homepage.
  2. Click the Faculty Center tile and view My Schedule & Rosters.
  3. Your Name will appear at the top of the screen, along with your UDID. This information flowed to UDSIS from UD's HR system.
  4. Review the list of the Courses/Sections you are teaching for the term.

The Department SOC (Schedule of Classes) contact for your subject set up your instructor schedule in UDSIS. Contact them if you have course/schedule questions.

Registrar's Office Resources
Academic Calendar Pdfs by Academic year, along with a 2 year Condensed Calendar
Academic Department Contact Information Academic contacts for UD programs or departments
UDSIS Faculty Center Faculty portal of courses you have been scheduled to teach in UDSIS
Class Rosters How to view/print class rosters, info on attendees not on roster
FERPA Responsibilities for UD Faculty/Staff FERPA impacts, actions allowed, FERPA and parents, and much more....
Grading, Grade Rosters & Deadlines Mid-term and final grading deadlines and the grading process
SOC Department Contacts Departmental staff who create/schedule courses in UDSIS
UDSIS Help for Faculty/Staff Help documents for using UDSIS
Advisor Resources Software, help documentation and reports supporting faculty who serve as student advisors
Other Resources
Academic Catalog Undergraduate & Graduate catalogs (use dropdown to switch catalogs)
Buildings and Maps Find buildings and departments
Canvas UD's Learning Management System
Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning Services to support all aspects of teaching
Faculty Commons Teaching support and Instructional Technology help
IT Support Center IT system status, documentation, help with computing, connecting, etc.
MyUD Search and set favorites for the UD applications/webpages you use
MyUD Settings UD account settings, change account password, security questions
ONEcard (ID Card) Office UD ONEcard - your official identification while at UD.
Faculty Handbook Official version of the handbook containing all appropriate policies approved by the Faculty Senate and University administration
Community Standards & Conflict Resolution Part of the Division of Student Life, serving students and the campus community. CSCR handles reports of alleged policy violations as well as situations centering around conflict issues.