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Midterm Grading Instruction

1. Login to UDSIS, go to your Faculty Self-Service Center, and click on My Schedule & Rosters.

2. Navigation: from the Faculty and Advisors Home page, select the Faculty Center icon

Facutly Homepage

3. You will be presented with your Schedule and Rosters, for example

4. From there you should see your Teaching Schedule, which will show the courses on which you are listed as the instructor for this term. If you would like to look at a different term, click Change Term and select the appropriate term.

sched and roster

5. From your Teaching Schedule, click on the grade roster icon for the appropriate course. 

grade roster icron

6. Ensure the Grade Roster Type is “Mid-Term” to view the appropriate roster.

mid term roster type

7. In the grade roster input Roster Grades by selecting a grade from the drop down next to each student.

  • Note, students will appear on the roster if it is determined mid-term grades would contribute to their student success. Primarily they will be students who were admitted in the current or previous term (both new Freshmen and new Transfers), however some will be Continuing Education (Non-Degree) Students.

8. Please note that temporary grades, including I, S, and U are not available for mid-term grading. You must select a meaningful mid-term grade.

Grade Roster Grade

9. When all grades are entered, change the Approval Status from "Not Reviewed" to "Approved" and click save.

mid term roster approval

Grade Posting

  • Mid-term grades are not posted in the same way as final grades, once the grades are entered they are visible to students in their Student Homepage.


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