General Student Policies

University Non-Discrimination Policy

   For Students, Faculty, Staff, Vendors and Visitors

Every effort is made to have course information accurate at the time of release; however, departments may need to make changes to their course schedule. Students are advised to consult the academic department in which the course has been changed for assistance.

The University of Delaware community values both personal and academic freedom. All members of the campus community have the personal responsibility to promote an atmosphere of civility in which the free exchange of ideas and opinions can flourish. We do so by learning from individual and collective differences and respecting every human being.

The University of Delaware reserves the right to refuse for good and sufficient reasons enrollment of any applicant. Any applicant who is refused enrollment will, on written request, be provided with a statement of the reasons for the refusal of enrollment.

Students should read and understand the academic regulations section in the University's Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog.

Classes are sometimes over-subscribed, and it is not always possible to accommodate all requests for assigned seats. To address this problem, the University has established a seat claim policy. Seat assignment in classes is based on such factors as classification, major, course status, and intended audience. Students are expected to occupy their confirmed, assigned seats within a reasonable period of time. The following policy applies to all classes:

Unless excused by the faculty member, students holding a confirmed assigned seat in a class will have relinquished their seat if they have not personally appeared in class to claim the seat by the third meeting for a class scheduled to meet three times a week, by the second meeting for a class scheduled twice a week, by the third meeting for a class scheduled five times a week, or by the second meeting for a class scheduled once a week. If the student does not claim the seat within the time limit specified above, and does not drop the course, the instructor has the option of assigning the student a grade of 'Z' at the end of the term. It is the responsibility of the student to drop each course that he/ she does not plan to attend, even when the student's registration is cancelled for non-payment of fees. Failure to drop a course will result in a grade of Z.

Financial aid awards are based on full-time enrollment. If you enroll for less than full-time status, your aid package will be revised. If you are enrolled for less than six credits, you are ineligible for most types of aid. Listener (L) credits do NOT count toward enrollment status for financial aid purposes.