Changing Majors & Minors

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Internal Transfers/Changing Majors

The following information applies to Undergraduate students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate College.

The University of Delaware has developed a university-wide policy that enables students to move more freely among majors and colleges. This also provides students with the flexibility to pursue multiple majors and minors, to work at the interfaces between established disciplines, and to experience a broader selection of electives. However, there may be limited availability in some majors. See explanation of Restricted Majors below.

UD is committed to ensuring that all students are making informed decisions regarding their academic interests and their professional goals and objectives. The information below is based on updates provided from the colleges as received by the academic departments. Change of majors will be accepted during the academic year based on the information provided. Any changes to the internal transfer policy/change of major policy may only apply to the next academic year and will not be posted until after the current academic year.

Prior to requesting a transfer/change of major...

  • Please consult with your academic advisor
  • See Programs from the Undergraduate Catalog
  • Non-Restricted Majors have year-round admissions.
  • Review your degree requirements using the What-If Report. This report shows how certain courses can apply towards degree requirements for a different/additional major or minor. Access this report from your UD Student Homepage in the Degrees & Advisement tile under the What-If Report menu item. (More Info).

Ready to request a transfer/change of major?

  • Review Frequently Asked Questions about the change of major process along with the Restricted Majors information and deadlines.
  • Once your form has been approved and received in the Registrar's Office, your student record will be adjusted within 5 business days.
  • To submit a request to change major or minors, complete the form in your UD Student Homepage > Degrees & Advisement tile, in the Undergraduate Students folder, under Change Major, Minor, Concentration OR in the Forms tile in the Undergraduate Students folder.

There is no University policy restricting students from declaring a major or a minor based on GPA. The following majors, listed below, are limited by accreditation or other academic requirements (minimum GPA, pre-requisites, etc.), availability of resources, physical space limitations (such as lack of laboratory space), or already have full capacity (e.g. training at Vita Nova).

Restricted Majors