Student Privacy Restrictions

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UDSIS Student Privacy Restrictions

This document shows how to set, edit and release privacy restrictions regarding your personally identifiable information. See the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 for a brief description of your rights and protections related to your student education records.

View Privacy Restrictions

  • Log into your UDSIS Student Homepage and click the 'Personal Information' tile.
  • Click the 'Privacy Restrictions' link in the left bar.
  • Click on a Privacy Restrictions category to view the specific information available to restrict.
Priv Rest

Add a Restriction

  • To restrict the release, click that item to bring up the "Edit Restriction" screen. Check the Restricted box under the item. 
  • IMPORTANT: If you restrict your Primary Name but want it to appear in Dean’s List and/or Graduation publications, check the appropriate Exceptions box(es). Click 'Save' when done.
  • Your saved restriction displays on the Privacy Restrictions screen with the restricted icon next to the category, and the applicable boxes checked under Restricted and Exceptions for the item.
rest exceptions

Edit or Remove a Restriction

  • Click the restricted item to bring up the Edit Restriction screen. 
  • Uncheck the appropriate box(es) or hit Clear All.
  • When done, click the SAVE button.

Dean's List and Graduation Exception

  • If you click the Exceptions box(es) for Dean’s List and/or Graduation under any category of information, that will release your name to Dean’s List and/or Graduation publications.
  • In this example the restriction was set on Primary name. The student has specified an exception to release publication of his/her name for Dean’s List and Graduation.
exception example