Accessing the Degree Audit

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Accessing the Degree Audit


This document is for staff who are not in an academic advising role but have a need to access the Degree Audit report for a student. Advisors are encouraged to use the Advisor Center navigation instead, as that also includes access to the What-If report. Below are instructions for accessing the Degree Audit through Student Services Center.

Log into UDSIS. On the Staff Homepage, click the Student Services Center tile.

Use the ID or Last Name and First Name fields to search for the student. Click Search and choose the appropriate record if there are multiple results.

dgr audit 2

On the Student Center tab, use the other academic… drop-down menu to choose Degree Audit. Click the (>>) button to the right of the menu to generate the report.

dgr audit 3

If a printer-friendly PDF version of the report is desired, click the View Report as PDF button found at the beginning of the Degree Audit after it has processed. The PDF version will display in a separate pop-up window. Follow these instructions if you are having issues with a pop-up blocker.


For information on the structure and features of the resulting report, see Reading the Degree Audit.

dgr audit 4