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Help Yourself

We offer a variety of tools and informational resources to assist students and their families in financing their educational pursuits.  Use the following links to quickly navigate through systems, forms and information.


Online Systems

Students can use the following systems to get access to the student account, view financial aid eligibility, submit documentation to finalize aid, reduce or decline loans, make payments, request refunds, and more.  Parents and guardians can gain access to the student account through Parent/Guardian Services once the student grants them access through UDSIS.

View charges and credits, check financial aid tasks, submit payments, and access Form 1098-T

Secure document submission for verification and other financial aid tasks

Access My Finances, request a refund, view financial aid, review To Do List, adjust or decline loans

Access to UD systems for parents and guardians

Search tool for work-study and other jobs

Free online financial wellness exercises

Tasks & Forms

Student Loan Requirements

First-time federal loan borrowers at the UD are required to complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling prior to having the Federal Direct Student Loan pay to the student account.  Students who have borrowed previously may be asked to complete Financial Awareness Counseling (FACT) each year as well.  Finally, students who drop below half-time enrollment or who graduate should complete Exit Counseling.  Links to these loan requirements are found below.

Complete required components of federal student loans

Complete required components of federal student loans

Financial Aid Counseling

Complete required Financial Aid Counseling

Waive or enroll in UD's student health plan

Student Health Insurance Requirement

UD requires that all full-time students are covered by health insurance and has partnered with University Health Plans to provide health insurance for those students who need it.  All full-time students are billed health insurance, but students who are covered already by an equivalent plan may waive this coverage.  For these students, UD will provide an offsetting credit to cover the health insurance charge.

Waive or enroll in UD's student health plan


The following forms are provided for students who need to submit additional documentation to finalize financial aid eligibility or who have special circumstances.

SFS Information


SFS participates in a number of presentations, both on campus and in the community, each year.  Presentations are provided here for use by our students and their families.


In addition to presentations, SFS provides publications and handouts related to financing a UD education.  A sample of these are provided here for reference.