Professional & Continuing Studies

Exploring Costs and Aid

Educational costs for Professional & Continuing Studies students vary based on course or program, and financial aid is limited, as students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking status to receive federal financial aid.

Billing & Payment

Payments are due at the start of each term.  Courses may be canceled for payments not received by the class start date.

Students may opt to participate in the Installment Payment Plan, which spreads the balance due over 3 monthly payments, starting on the first day of the term.


Financial Aid

Alternative Loans

Federal student aid is restricted to students matriculated in a degree-seeking program.  Students may explore alternative loans to find options that meet their educational needs.

Tuition Assistance

Continuing Education scholarships provide partial funding for a limited number of qualified applicants.  Details and applications can be found at the Professional & Continuing Studies website.