Faculty | Evaluation Science

More than 40 faculty members — many of whom are practicing evaluators — representing departments from colleges throughout UD share their individual expertise and unite to equip students with the tools and knowledge required for in-demand careers in a growing field.

Affiliated Faculty*

*Core faculty are in bold type.


Name/Profile Department Email
Mary Culnane Evaluation Science, Public Policy, CRESP mculnane@udel.edu
Laura Desimone Evaluation Science, Education and Social Policy, SOE, Biden (secondary) lauramd@udel.edu
Sue Giancola Evaluation Science, CRESP giancola@udel.edu
Gail Headley Mixed Methods Research, CRESP gheadley@udel.edu
Gary Henry Evaluation Science, Education and Social Policy, HDFS, Biden (secondary) cehd-dean@udel.edu
Jason Hustedt Research Design, Early Childhood, HDFS jhustedt@udel.edu
Allison Karpyn Evaluation Science, Education and Social Policy, CRESP, HDFS karpyn@udel.edu
Jeff Klein Quantitative Methods, CRESP kleinjef@udel.edu
Henry May Quantitative Methods, CRESP, SOE hmay@udel.edu
Katrina Morrison Qualitative Methods, CRESP katrinam@udel.edu
Florence Ran Quantitative Methods, Higher Education Policy, SOE fxran@udel.edu
Ken Shores Survey Research, Education and Social Policy, SOE kshores@udel.edu
Bryan VanGronigen Qualitative Methods, Education and Social Policy, SOE bvg@udel.edu
Martin Heintzelman Applied Statistics mheintze@udel.edu
Thomas Ilvento Applied Statistics ilvento@udel.edu
Cecilia Arighi Bioinformatics Data Science arighi@udel.edu
Karen Hoober Bioinformatics Data Science khoober@udel.edu
Shawn Polson Bioinformatics Data Science polson@udel.edu
Cathy Wu Bioinformatics Data Science wuc@udel.edu
Jack Baroudi Business Analytics baroudi@udel.edu
Hemant Kher Business Analytics kher@udel.edu
Junbo Son Business Analytics junboson@udel.edu
Shabbir Wardhawala Business Analytics shab@udel.edu
Jennifer Gallo-Fox Early Childhood gallofox@udel.edu
Myae Han Early Childhood myaehan@udel.edu
Ana Whitaker Early Childhood awhit@udel.edu
Martha Buell Early Childhood, Education and Social Policy mjbuell@udel.edu
Rena Hallam Early Childhood, Education and Social Policy rhallam@udel.edu
Tia Barnes Early Childhood, Social-Emotional Development tnbarnes@udel.edu
Lauren Bailes Education and Social Policy lbailes@udel.edu
Fred Hofstetter Educational Technology fth@udel.edu
Teya Rutherford Educational Technology teomara@udel.edu
Jen Horney Epidemiology horney@udel.edu
Susan Conaty-Buck Health Policy sconaty@udel.edu
Jennifer Graber Health Policy jgraber@udel.edu
Jennifer Saylor Health Policy jsaylor@udel.edu
Elizabeth Speakman Health Policy speakman@udel.edu
Jinwei Cao Management Information Systems jcao@udel.edu
Stephen Metraux Public Policy metraux@udel.edu
Andrea Pierce Public Policy alpierce@udel.edu
Sarah Bruch Public Policy skbruch@udel.edu
Tibor Toth Public Policy tibi@udel.edu
Joseph Trainor Public Policy jtrainor@udel.edu
Rosalie Rolon-Dow Qualitative Methods, Equity and Diversity rosa@udel.edu
KEY: Biden: Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy and Administration; CRESP: Center for Research in Education and Social Policy; HDFS: Department of Human Development and Family Sciences; SOE: School of Education