Interdisciplinary Evaluation Science: Faculty and Staff

The Master of Science (MS) in Interdisciplinary Evaluation Science is an interdisciplinary program housed in the Graduate College. Faculty members involved with the program are listed below. 

Sue Giancola

Program Director

Sue Giancola is Senior Associate Director at the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP) at the University of Delaware. She has a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in policy research, evaluation, and measurement. She also has degrees from the University of Virginia and Pennsylvania State University in engineering and management, respectively. She has 25 years of experience as an evaluator in both academia and private business, evaluating programs in education, human services, engineering, and health. Her career has focused on leveraging quality improvement and engineering design principles to improve program and policy evaluation. Her current research focuses on developing methodological processes to embed evaluation into programs, foster continuous improvement, base programmatic decisions on reliable and valid information, and properly interpret effectiveness and impact. Dr. Giancola has evaluated projects funded through the NIH, NSF, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. Department of Education, as well as local, state, and foundation-funded programs. She is the author of Program Evaluation: Embedding Evaluation into Program Design and Development, available through SAGE publications, as well as Evaluation Matters, a training guide prepared for the US Department of Education. Dr Giancola is a member of the American Evaluation Association, American Educational Research Association, and Association for Clinical and Translational Science, and leads the National CTR Evaluators Network.

Name/Profile Department Email
Laura Desimone Evaluation Science, Education and Social Policy, SOE, Biden (secondary)
Sue Giancola Evaluation Science, CRESP
Gail Headley Mixed Methods Research, CRESP
Gary Henry Evaluation Science, Education and Social Policy, HDFS, Biden (secondary)
Jason Hustedt Research Design, Early Childhood, HDFS
Allison Karpyn Evaluation Science, Education and Social Policy, CRESP, HDFS
Jeff Klein Quantitative Methods, CRESP
Henry May Quantitative Methods, CRESP, SOE
Katrina Morrison Qualitative Methods, CRESP
Ken Shores Survey Research, Education and Social Policy, SOE
Bryan VanGronigen Qualitative Methods, Education and Social Policy, SOE


Name/Profile Department Email
Martin Heintzelman Applied Statistics
Thomas Ilvento Applied Statistics
Name/Profile Department Email
Stephen Metraux Public Policy
Andrea Pierce Public Policy
Sarah Bruch Public Policy
Tibor Toth Public Policy
Joseph Trainor Public Policy


Name/Profile Department Email
Cecilia Arighi Bioinformatics Data Science
Karen Hoober Bioinformatics Data Science
Shawn Polson Bioinformatics Data Science
Cathy Wu Bioinformatics Data Science


Name/Profile Department Email
Tia Barnes Early Childhood, Social-Emotional Development
Martha Buell Early Childhood, Education and Social Policy
Jennifer Gallo-Fox Early Childhood
Rena Hallam Early Childhood, Education and Social Policy
Myae Han Early Childhood
Ana Whitaker Early Childhood
Name/Profile Department Email
Jack Baroudi Business Analytics
Jinwei Cao MIS
Hemant Kher Business Analytics
Junbo Son Business Analytics
Shabbir Wardhawala Business Analytics


Name/Profile Department Email
Lauren Bailes Education and Social Policy
Janine de Novais Qualitative Methods, Equity and Diversity
Rosalie Rolon-Dow Qualitative Methods, Equity and Diversity
Florence Ran Higher Education
Fred Hofstetter Educational Technology
Chrystalla Mouza Educational Technology
Teya Rutherford Educational Technology