Funding Opportunities

The Graduate College is committed to facilitating funding and fellowships for the graduate student body. These opportunities, available through the University of Delaware, as well as through external foundations and institutions, provide students with vital sources of support in their master’s and doctoral programs. Moreover, fellowships and awards further professional development by funding conference presentations while expanding horizons through national and international research and travel. In recent years, our graduate students have been awarded a number of nationally and internationally prestigious fellowships. The Graduate College works to support and heighten the visibility of our graduate students’ world-class research and scholarship.

The University of Delaware may provide tuition scholarships to full-time graduate students who are awarded stipends for an entire semester/academic year as a research, teaching or graduate assistant or fellow. These scholarships are generally available in graduate programs that admit students with funding, regardless of funding source. Details of commitment and duration are provided in offer letters. Graduate departments and programs select the recipients of these awards, where available, based on students’ qualifications.


Of full-time graduate students, nearly 80% receive merit-based financial awards. Fellowships, tuition scholarships, assistantships and traineeships are awarded on the basis of merit from nominations by the department. Awards are granted to full-time students in good academic standing with regular status. Explore University of Delaware’s opportunities below:

The Graduate College coordinates a variety of funding opportunities that students can recieve through both faculty nomination and direct application.


Full-time graduate students are eligible to be nominated for the following competitive merit-based financial awards:


Current Students seeking additional funding support can directly apply to the following awards:

Other Opportunities for Graduate Students

Opportunities are brought to our attention throughout the year, so keep checking back if you are looking for additional funding opportunities.

DEADLINE: January 8, 2021
AREA OF STUDY: Communications and Graphic Design, Computer Sciences, Data Science, Demography, Economics, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, Sociology, Survey Methodology or similar field