Spark! Symposium

The Graduate College regularly hosts Spark! Symposium to help our graduate students and postdocs develop cross-disciplinary communication skills. The name Spark! resonates with us because we aim to ignite new conversations, ideas and collaborations. The symposium is an excellent venue to share your research with the UD community and beyond. We want to showcase how your research tackle the biggest societal challenges and advance our understanding of the most complex problems.  

Fall 2022 Call for Proposals

We are seeking 4-5 presenters for a 10-minute talk each. Please submit your talk proposal using the link below. The deadline for proposal submission is September 29, at 11:59 p.m Eastern.

The Fall Spark! Symposium will be held on Wednesday, November 16 at the Audion (located at STAR Campus) from 4-7 p.m. Presenters selected for the symposium will receive individual and small group coaching to help them hone their presentations and public speaking skills.

Questions? Please contact

Spring 2022 Topic:


Presentations Included:

  • Ashley Paintsil, College of Arts and Sciences, Communication, 
    Increasing Black Women's Suncare Efficacy
  • Sarah Wells, College of Health Sciences, Epidemiology,
    Domestic Violence and Covid-19: How did Social Distancing Impact Victim Services?
  • Conner McCrone, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Plant and Soil Sciences,
    When Sea Level Rises: The Lost City of Delaware
  • Bradie S. Crandall, College of Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering,
    Electrifying Our Way Out of Climate Change: The Technology, Economics, and Policy
  • Anner Paldor, Ph.D., College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, Geological Sciences,
    Coastal Impact of Storm Surges Expected to Exacerbate due to Climate Change
Ashley Paintsil, Sarah Wells, Conner McCrone, Bradie S. Crandall, Anner Paldor, Ph.D.