Academic Support for Current Graduate Students

As a graduate student at the University of Delaware, you have access to a wide network of support and resources from the moment you are enrolled in your first class through graduation, as well as the ability to connect as an alumnus. In addition to the academic advisement you will receive throughout your graduate career and the facilities devoted to success in your research endeavors and your health and well-being, the Graduate College is here to serve as a connection to the University that is sensitive to the specific issues that impact the graduate community. Some of the reasons to connect to the Graduate College include clarification on University or departmental policies and procedures, changes to your academic status, confidential guidance on personal or academic issues, and academic expectations of graduate programs beyond coursework.

Forms and Policies

At various points in your graduate career, you will find that there are procedures to be followed in order to progress in your degree and policies you may want to be aware of so you can stay on track. We have created two repositories for the forms and policies that drive these operations and made them available to you below. Any information regarding policies and program requirements not available on the Graduate College website can be found in the University of Delaware Graduate Catalog.

If you think policies are not being followed…

Graduate students may encounter situations where they believe University policies and procedures are not being followed, or there is bias in the application of policies and procedures. Examples of these situations may include grade grievances, dismissals and research misconduct. In these instances, there are official processes to address the problem. We always encourage graduate students to communicate openly and honestly with their advisor, director, chair or dean’s office about potential policy violations so that issues can be addressed promptly before they escalate (e.g. a grading irregularity leading to academic dismissal.) Graduate students seeking guidance on how to approach these interactions can seek advice from the Assistant Dean of Students within the Office of the Dean of Students or others in the Graduate College..

Grade grievances and other academic complaints are governed by both the Faculty Handbook and the Student Handbook. Policies regarding dismissals and appeals are included on our website. Research misconduct is defined, along with procedures governing reporting and responding to allegations, in the Faculty Handbook.