Grad LEAP: Alumni Mentoring Program for Graduate Students

Alumni Mentoring Program for Graduate Students

The University of Delaware Graduate College is pleased to launch Grad Leveraging Engaged Alumni Program (LEAP). The innovative mentorship program is designed to provide holistic support for graduate students from Blue Hen graduate alumni mentors offering guidance and advice regarding the challenges of doctoral education and research, professional development strategies, and referrals to others to assist in building a professional network. We hope that such connections help students achieve their academic, personal and professional aspirations.

Grad LEAP is intended to:

  • Prepare graduate students to meet a range of challenges by providing them with personalized support from Blue Hen graduate alumni who can share invaluable insights from their own academic and professional experiences.

  • Provide graduate students with a structured means of initiating and maintaining a professional relationship with graduate alumni through personalized one-on-one advice and support.

  • Build connections and community between UD graduate students and graduate alumni who can support graduate students in navigating their academic, personal and professional goals.

  • Help graduate students spark meaningful conversations with their alumni mentors and others in their professional network. 

How it works: 

  • Students and alumni complete a matching survey to share their career interests and goals.

  • Participating alumni receive mentor training.

  • The match is based on academic and professional interests and lived experiences.

  • After the mentor-mentee pair is established, the mentor and mentee work together to decide how they prefer to connect, which can happen via email, phone, video chat, text or in person when possible. We recommend that the mentor and mentee get in touch with each other at least once a month.

  • The mentorship program officially ends in July 2022. The mentors and mentees are welcome to stay in touch afterward. 

What do mentors and mentees discuss?

  • How do I overcome the unique challenges of graduate education and research?

  • How do I balance the demands of graduate school and life?

  • How can I set myself up for academic, personal and career success?

  • What are my career options? What are the skills and competencies needed to be successful in the workforce?


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