Cost of Attendance for Graduate School

A Quick Look at Expenses



per Credit
Average 9-12 credits
per Semester



per Month in
Off-Campus Living Expenses



per Semester in
Mandatory Fees

*The standard tuition rate for graduate programs in the 2023-24 academic year is $1,028 per credit, but a small number of individual programs may vary. For more information, see below.
**Other fees may be incurred depending on course requirements or degree progress.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees (Academic Year – Fall and Spring) with the tuition base rate



Student Wellbeing Fee


Student Center Fee


International Service Fee


Graduate Recreation Fee


Total Tuition and Mandatory Costs


*The University of Delaware published graduate student tuition base rate for graduate credit in 2023-24 is $1,028 per credit hour. Some programs have higher or lower rates based on various factors, including competitive market research and demonstrated success as their existing price point. Graduate tuition rates are listed with each program and can be found through the program search tool on the Graduate Programs page. Additional tuition and fees may be incurred for students registering for Summer Session(s).

Course-related fees: Certain courses incur additional fees in support of special equipment or services provided.


Medical Insurance

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for all full-time graduate students and international and contracted graduate students registered full-time, part-time, or sustaining. Provided by University Health Plans (UHP), UD offers a health plan to eligible students and charges full-time enrollees for this plan. Students with existing qualifying health insurance coverage can waive the UD coverage and the subsequent fee. Part-time students are not eligible to enroll.

UD Health Plan for students on contract: $413.42

UD Health Plan for students not on contract: $2,903.88

Off-Campus Living and Individual Expenses

Average off-campus living expenses (12 months):

Rent – @$1,025 per month



Utilities – electric, heat, cool, water, garbage, internet @$200 per month


Groceries - @$380 per month


Total Living Expenses



Other expenses to consider – expenses vary widely depending on individual 


Transportation/parking @$85 per month


Entertainment - @$100 per month


Books and other materials

Last Updated: 9/21/2023

Provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services. These values are meant to provide a rough illustration of the cost of living in various metropolitan regions.

Last Updated: 9/22/2023 | Source

International Students

 International Service Fees (FY 2022-23 Rate*)

Undergraduate and graduate students

$180 per semester
($90 summer)

ELI students

$90 per session

J-1 Visiting scholars

$180 per application

H-1B employees

$445 per application

*Effective 9/1/2022

The international service fee is a mandatory fee charged to international students and scholars enrolled at the University of Delaware in support of the advisory and support services provided by the Center for Global Programs and Services (CGPS). This fee provides international students and scholars with essential services such as immigration advising, processing of documents, regulatory reporting, and various acculturation and engagement programs and resources. It also helps cover the cost of maintaining institutional compliance with federal regulations.

Please note that the required amount on the I-20 is an estimate of expenses. It is NOT a reflection of UD student billing. Please contact your academic department for exact program costs and Student Financial Services with any questions regarding your UD bill.

If you are bringing dependents, you are required to provide an additional $5,900 per dependent spouse, $5,900 for first dependent child, $4,720 for second dependent child or more. For more information, please see ISSS Announcement: Updated Financial Minimums.

For more information on costs of attendance at the University of Delaware, please visit the Student Financial Services website. Full details on preparing your finances for Graduate Students can be found on the CGPS Pre-Arrival webpage for Graduate Students.

Other University Fees and Considerations


Fee Amount

Sustaining Fee

$763 - Master's Students

$1,152 - Doctoral Students

Application for Advanced Degree
Charged to all graduate students who have met the requirements of their graduate degree program

$95 - Doctoral Candidates

$50 - Master’s Candidates

Carpenter Sports
Charged during fall and spring semesters to part-time graduate and continuing education students who choose to utilize the facilities at the Carpenter Sports Building

$100 - family

$50 - individual

Change of Registration
Charged, in addition to tuition, to students who make changes to their registration after the free drop/add period


General (summer)
Charged to students registered for summer session (fee is per session)


Charged during fall and spring semesters and Winter and Summer sessions to undergraduate and continuing education students (full or part time) who are not charged the mandatory comprehensive fee and who choose to utilize the facilities at the Carpenter Sports Building


Registration (Summer/Winter)
Charged for registration in each optional term (Winter, Summer I, Summer II)


Transfer Credit
Charged to any student who takes a course, for academic credit, at another institution and then transfers that credit to UD



For a full list of university fees, please refer to the University Catalog.