Interdisciplinary Programs

Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement

The certificate, which is recorded on the student’s transcript, creates a scaffold by which scholars integrate their academic study in community engagement experiences through participation in coursework, community-focused graduate research or creative work, and hands-on experience. Scholars will maintain a portfolio that may contain reflection materials, research documents, a record of experiential hours and a final synthesis that documents their deepened understanding as a community engaged scholar.


Planning Document

The Graduate Community Engagement Scholars program provides highly motivated graduate students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a community-based research or creative project. Scholars spend 10 weeks during the summer in full-time pursuit of their projects in partnership with a Delaware nonprofit, government, community-based action research or service-based corporate agency and simultaneously pursue academic reflection. At the conclusion of the program, scholars present their projects at a symposium. Scholars receive a stipend of $5,000.



Students will assess their projects with assistance from CEI. They will submit a final report upon completion of the project.






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