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In order to maintain a strong, diverse and substantial pool of applicants, our tuition rate is designed to make us competitive, especially with our peer institutions.



Credits / Semester

While many students complete the primarily in-person program via full-time coursework, learners can take advantage of the opportunity for part-time study and some online classes to help them finish more conveniently.



Affiliated Faculty

Representing over 20 departments from colleges throughout UD, full-time faculty members — who are leaders in their field — share their individual expertise and unite to equip students with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.


Welcome from the Team

Since the inception of the M.S. in data science at UD in fall 2019, we have been gratified to see a fantastic growth of interest from prospective students as well as within the campus. This success reflects the intense interest in data science within today’s business, government and academic sectors. The growth has made us hustle to keep up — which is the best kind of problem to have!

Data science is about asking great questions and getting useful answers. It draws on knowledge and techniques from computer science, math and statistics, and doing it well also requires a keen understanding of an application domain. We're proud to have a truly interdisciplinary MSDS program at UD that offers tremendous flexibility in the curriculum so that you can tailor the degree to your own background, needs and interests. We're also glad to have online course offerings that we are constantly working to expand.

If you choose the MSDS program at UD, you'll receive personalized, hands-on advising and mentorship and have access to numerous learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We've seen many students develop their skills at UD and go on to begin great careers in an array of industries. We sincerely hope you will be the next!

Toby Driscoll

Professor, Director

Ben Bagozzi

Associate Professor, Assistant Director

Jasmin Rivers

Graduate Services Coordinator

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The successful graduate of the M.S. in data science will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a mastery of foundational knowledge in data science through the successful completion of a diverse range of coursework encompassing multiple areas of domain and technical expertise.
  • Develop and apply data science techniques in one or more domain areas of interest via course projects, examinations and/or a master’s thesis.
  • Communicate data science techniques and findings to expert and non-expert audiences in written, discussion, visual and oral presentation formats.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of ethics in data science and related technical tools through in-depth discussion and study of current ethical issues in the field.
  • Gain experiential training—via on-campus projects or external internships—in workflow management, technical collaboration and professional accountability in preparation for the expectations of the workplace.


MSDS degree history timeline


  • Required ethics course added, raising the required number of credits from 30 to 33.
  • Combined 4+1 dual bachelor’s and master’s degrees introduced by several departments.


  • Interdisciplinary program moves to the Graduate College, which was established in 2019.
  • Program reaches nine graduates.
  • Dual degree program combining the master’s in data science with Ph.D. program in mathematical science initiated.


  • Benjamin Bagozzi, associate professor of political science and international relations, named first assistant director in response to program’s growth.


  • Program reaches 39 graduates, including five 4+1 students.
  • Over 60 students enrolled, including three in dual degree program.
  • Toby Driscoll, Unidel Chaired Professor of Mathematical Sciences, named program’s second director.

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